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  1. J says:

    Not knowing what to expect, Judge Noceeba Southern was more friendly than I originally anticipated. She was very understanding, caring, compassionate, and showed empathy. I started getting uncomfortable with pain and felt as if my mind started racing during the proceeding. She allowed me to take a small break and leave the room. When I came back, she was compassionate enough to have left and bring me back a bottled water. I was very nervous and have been fighting this for years. Not knowing the outcome of this entire process, Judge Noceeba Southern was fair and honest in her decision and considered all the facts pertaining to my case.
    She is, in my opinion, an asset to Social Security and to Columbus, Ohio ODAR because she is honest, fair, professional, and considers all facts. She made the entire experience less threatening and less scary and these are the kind of judges our country needs.

    Thank you Judge Noceeba Southern!

  2. Saundra T Barlow says:

    Going in front of a judge is scary and intimadating. Im thankful for Judge Southern. She was thoughtful and very personable. My anxiey was at a minimum due to the tone set in her courtroom. Should you ever happen to read this; Thank you Honorable Judge Southern. Thank you

  3. Anonymous says:

    A wonderful, kind and compassionate judge and a thoughtful listener.

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