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  1. Kristal Pimentel says:

    My hearing was on 06/01/18. My medical conditions/records are all documented, so I thought it would be brief. Well, the Honorable Judge Norman Hemming was extremely thorough in asking questions & reviewing my documentation. He was a patient, kind man who allowed me to express & explain myself. He listened without interruptions & then asked any questions. I was so nervous coming into my hearing & Judge Hemming makes you feel comfortable in his presence. I did not receive a decision from the bench but I still want to say thank you to him for being so welcoming. It’s refreshing to see a knowledgeable Judge that knows exactly what concerns he has based on your condition(s). May God always bless Judge Norman Hemming.

  2. Tempres Givens says:

    I had a hearing July 19 2017 for my son, first time experience for us, but I must say this judge is awesome and may god continue to bless him, thanks judge Norman hemming

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