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  1. Larry says:

    Awful judge. Unkempt and unprofessional appearance.

    Long story short he denied me after making me wait 9 months for a decision.

    If he is your judge MOVE! And get another one. He denies everyone.

  2. Anonymous says:

    JUDGE NORMAN L BENNETT was understandably inquisitive but listened and made a fair decision on the spot.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had my hearing with Bennett. Watch out for this judge, he picks and chooses things you say and dissects the parts that are out of context that he uses for his reasons to decline your case. He even added in his decision that I consistently smoke cigarettes and I DONT SMOKE, so he added FALSE information on my case. He took more weight on the Social Security doctor who saw me for 20 minutes, one time, 2 years ago and disregarded my doctor who I have been with for over 11 years.

  4. Diane Fox says:

    This judge is not a fair judge. He needs to step down. He has no compassion. Sits on his perch gives you the “mean eye” thats when all your positive goes out the window. I got denied and now are having to go thru an appeal and also was just diagnosed with hemiplegia and i am now in a wheelchair. Thank god for Medicaid because i would not be getting the medical help for my condition. He forced my hand to go on welfare.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Judge was in my favor for good reason, however, all monies have not been returned to me as yet, nor addressed.

  6. cheryl schitzbach says:

    Judge bennett was fair ,and straight forward when making his decsion in regards to my case. He ask questions that made sense and inevitably help him with his decsion.honesty and doctors visits a must.i am elated and hoping to be able to better the quality of my life in the future. Judge bennett u r the best. THANK YOU

  7. Anonymous says:

    Rude, does not care, thinks its a game, no respect, doesn’t listen
    Terrible Judge. In this day and age a Judge should consider all the information. This judge uses personal information he encounters such as an affair that happened years ago, and entered it into the denial and called it “adultry”. What kind of person does this to someone who has mental and physical ailments? It wasn’t even relevent

  8. Anonymous says:

    He is the absolute worst!!! If you get assigned to him, try your hardest to get another judge
    to rule on your case. He make me think I was approved & then a few days later, I received
    the denial in the mail. It was all a big joke to him. Apparently once you get a judge, you
    will get him again on any appeals. Even with all the medical proof I have of my injuries, as
    well as doctors notes, it won’t matter. I feel doomed all because of this man. It is so unfair.
    For this reason, I’m leaving this state. I’m sure any other state will approve me immediately.
    Vegas is one of the worst for any kind of help!!

  9. Paul Stebbins says:

    Judge Bennett , his clerk and the officer in the front office ,were all extremely competent , friendly and ready to listen to me and to my evidence that I presented. He ruled within several days and his total efficency , was above reproach. Even being saddled with no lawyer to represent me , all it took was being honest and showing good evidence.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This Judge is so rude one of the worst ever he is a racist, you can tell and I have proof of it, he didnt give me time to explain my case he had his mind made was denied 6 days later with a letter in the mail…………I pray to God i dont get him again

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