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  1. Randy Jackson says:

    Looks like he doesn’t work for SSA anymore as a judge. Probably died. Guy was a total piece of garbage

  2. Lorna Valdez says:

    Judge Norman Bennett reviewed my medical information and records,
    asked questions which are pertinent to my disabilities, he listened very carefully since my hearing was over the telephone. The vocational expert did not find a job suitable for me with my disabilities. I told the truth and at the end of my hearing he made a decision and approved me. I hired a disability lawyer, waited two years before being heard and approved. It was a long process but worth it in the long run. I am eligible for Medicare now too eventhough I’m not 65 yet because of my disability being approved. He was a fair judge with my case. Thank you Judge Bennett!

  3. WEI says:

    if you get this ALJ, MOVE, REAPPLY. YOU DO NOT STAY A CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nicole Budge says:

    Our family is personally devastated by Judge Bennett’s ruling. He ruled against our daughter’s disability hearing. Our daughter is 23 years old, has schizophrenia, has an IQ of 78 and is at the developmental level of an 11-year old. She works part-time at a school cafeteria with help from kind staff. At home we help her wash her hair and with dressing appropriately.Today a dental hygienist was upset because we weren’t helping her enough with her teeth cleaning and she had black substances and tartar on her teeth. We have an older child with Aspergers that we have not sought disability for as she is able to work. We also rehabilitated another child with Tourette’s and our youngest with ADD. Out of our 5 children only 1 is free of neurological challenges and yet we have only sought disability benefits for our most severely affected child. I work as an RN and my husband is a PA. Every day we see people more capable than our daughter who are receiving disability benefits and it is appalling to us the irony of the whole situation. I think judge Bennett needs to spend a day at our house washing our daughters hair, brushing her teeth and driving her to and from work. 11 year olds don’t drive. And if she truly is at the developmental age of 11 arent there laws against child labor? Maybe we should just have her quit her job too.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Biased judge. Obvious never read my medical records. Had his mind made up prior to the hearing.

    ALJ’s are supposed to be independent reviewers of fact. Not biased and lazy.

  6. Mary says:

    Everyone is making positive statements about this judge because they got approved and vice versa. Well guess what ? He disapproved me and I will tell you the truth about this judge. He dissects what you say and gives no weight to medical opinions and just makes his own decision based on , well actually I don’t know how he makes his decisions on people because it’s not rational.

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