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  1. Antigchick says:

    This ******** *** **** excuse of a human being retired .. thank God trust me ..please tell me He is ********** **** some *******.. it’s called ***** ******..how does it feel?

  2. Anonymous says:

    ALJ Norman Buls ruled unfavorably against my Pro se appeal of improperly denied benefits. I was totally disabled 3 years due to misdiagnosed Lyme disease, then was enrolled in Medicare. I chose a Medicare-contracting HMO where my personal physician was a provider. There, as my PCP, he rejected a Lyme disease diagnosis made by an out of area non Medicare Lyme literate physician. The PCP rejected and refused care for Lyme, saying that the HMO would not treat Lyme or accept it as a diagnosis! I was stunned, but wish to push back.

    After an unsuccessful In-house appeal, I was scheduled for a Medicare benefits denial hearing to be conducted by Judge Buls. At the hearing the HMO was represented only by a letter that its Medical Director had sent to ALJ Buls. The letter was a deliberate effort to uphold Plan denials by untruthful spin. Without stating WHY, ALJ Buls rejected expert physician testimony affirming my Lyme diagnosis and exposing the HMO’s lack of physicians trained to competently diagnose and treat Lyme. ALJ Buls shunned evidence that my Medicare HMO was unwilling to diagnose or treat Lyme. When I tried to refute and expose the HMO’s lies against me ALJ Buls ignored or quashed my sworn testimony. His Decision against me used the HMO’s proffered falsehood and twisted half-truths as boilerplate for “Findings of a fact.”

    To me the forum was adversarial, the deck stacked, the playing field non-level, the outcome threatening to public health. Many suffer much, or die or suicide due to Lyme. The CDC now estimates ~300,000 new US Lyme cases each year: a hidden epidemic downplayed by public health authorities, shunned by insurers and advanced behind failed judicial safeguards.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fortunately everyone it seems like the nasty disgusting old man has retired ! He is sadistic ..he stinks .. coincidentally his wife and entire family are criminals yet he used to sit on that bench and judge other people.. makes him a hypocrite as well .. so let’s just hope that this old man dies a slow painful death maybe cancer, etc. One thing for sure only the good die young he’s got a long life ahead of him . I certainly for one will be praying every day for this ..

  4. marry hill says:

    Please tell me this nasty old man has died and it wasnt painless. All I can do that is not against the law is to continue to pray he dies a painful and prolonged death. This nasty old man deserves nothing less… its so sad when i look at the hot norman reedus i have to think of this smelly repulsive mean old man… if he is dead..please send me the obituary so i can organize a celebration!

  5. hard rock says:

    Judge Buls made time on his very busy schedule to address my dire needs request when no one else would.I found him to be a no nonsense and right to the point type of Judge and also a very fair Judge..make sure to control your emotions because he is there to help you and he cant do that if tears are running down your face.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This judge denied my claim twice. All he knows how to do is try and find one little thing to give him an excuse to deny people’s claims. He completely disregarded all the favorable supporting medical evidence going back 12 or 13 years and even his own ordered evaluation, which was favorable. I don’t know what is so miserable in his life that he feels he needs to take it out on deserving individuals but it is a horrible injustice. He has no business being a judge with his personality. My lawyer even said he should have never been appointed a judge. Currently my claim is back at the appeals board. Since this judge didn’t do what the appeals council ordered him to do the first time it was remanded back to him, I don’t think they are going to be too happy. God I feel for anyone who is assigned this miserable old man as a judge.

  7. helpless says:

    I hope that all the judges take into consideration that some of us might look healthy but in reality are not and there isn’t any medical help for single adults in Arizona. Judge Buls I am asking for more consideration, than just your Doctors evaluation which he was more concerned that me teeth were still there, would not listen to anything I had to say and I could not perform most of what he asked and wrote something different. At consideration level I should have been sent to another Doctor for my new illness Calcified Menginoma and it was not considered. Please look at all the facts.

  8. paula perkins says:

    He helped my mom case approved it se has been trying since 2009 finally won

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