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  1. Bruce Manton says:

    I met with Judge Zamboni, A very intelligent, kind, and sincere person. Whatever decision Judge Zamboni levels, I will accept as Gospel. The legislative branch needs more honorable people with the character, Like Judge Zamboni.

  2. jeff siemietkowski says:

    I was very happy with Judge Zamboni. He really puts you at ease making the process very simple. He seems fair an thorough and I will respect his decision ether way. We need more judges with his peaceful demeanor in the judicial system.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Had my hearing with judge zamboni last week felt very at ease with him he asked a lot of questions about my problems and told him the truth lawyer said I should be good that the hearing went great should know a answer in a month or two. Hopefully it a good answer but as far as a judge he seemed fair and reasonable.

  4. Susan Donaldson says:

    I have been on disability since 2009. It ended in 2010(-11). I was told I could reapply which I did. I requested a hearing before the Judge but was unable to attend in person. My disability was stopped again in 2013. I applied and asked for a reconsideration and to keep my benefits while waiting for a new hearing which was granted. My benefits were stopped again in April of 2016. I was told I could reapply, but also told that if I did, the information in the old file could be used with my new case. This went on for well over a year. I know how I feel and because people can not see my multiple illnesses, it is not real to them. The 2nd partial hearing I had with Judge Zamboni earlier this year had to be stopped so I could get legal representation.
    I contacted several lawyers none of which would take my case, because of this a continuation of benefits case, and not an initial filing. I received a letter from my attorney stating he was withdrawing as my lawyer. Now I am back to square one. My anxiety and panic attacks are real. The depression is real my all over body pain on a daily basis is real my CHF is real. I said all that to say this, it’s not Judge Zamboni’s fault that I have chronic illnesses, however with the number of medications makes doing other tasks difficult. I have a teleconference with the Judge on February 8, 2018, to decide my case. He has always been respectful to me and courteous. No matter the outcome, I have to respect his decision.

  5. Anonymous says:

    We need more judges like this. Even if it is not favorable for the applicant, he is fair and explains the process and his position.

  6. SSRep says:

    I had a client before Judge Zamboni yesterday. As far as judges go, Judge Zamboni is in the top-tier of the type of judges we should have in Social Security disability matters. He was kind, respectful, and thorough. My client felt heard and that is the best we can ask.

  7. Jackson says:

    Judge Zamboni is very fair and reasonable. I’m glad I had him on my case. He saw the truth and was very thorough. He isn’t just going to give you a favorable decision, but will grant it if you are truly disabled. You shouldn’t be in front of him unless you truly are though, as there are too many people who really need SSA and we can’t have anybody holding up the process which is already long. Best advice I can give is to just go into the hearing and present your honest case. He will see it all for himself. Don’t go in there trying to put on a front because he isn’t dumb and I’m sure will see right through it.

  8. D fick says:

    THANK YOU JUDGE ZAMBONI. For being a Judge that can tell when people and their Dr. and test are telling the truth.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think that when a judge has Doctors note stating that some one can not work and they still think they have the right to play DR. or GOD with some ones life when they say NO. When people just can not keep paying med bills an and for their meds. I thought that when you work for 30 plus years and you need help I thought we pay it forward when we pay ss out of our pay checks. I guess I was wronge.Do judges really think that when some one gives up their job because they cann’t do it any more and stop working for 4 years because they are so sick, I guess the judges just cann’t see that.

  10. Anonymous says:

    ALJ Zamboni is VERY nice, explains everything thoroughly, asks if representative wants to do an optional opening, conducts Hearings with a loose, conversational tone, respects the client and representative, is very sharp and a pleasure to work with!

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