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  1. Valerie Hill says:

    Well i had my hearing today with Ms. Lisa Dabreu and i was alittle nervous at first but i was confident that i was gonna recieve a positive out put in my case. And it went very well with Ms. Lisa as well as with my attorney Mr. Michael Moore with the Cochran Firm so now im just waiting on a respond from Ms. Lisa about her decision on me being disabled to work so i am gonna be prayin GOD and leave it in His hands as well as Ms. Lisa hands to approve me fot SSI because i cant work God knows i tried to work but it didnt work because of my chronic joint pain and cramping in my fingers always drawing up and it hurt so bad that it makes me cry and the joint pain to hurt so bad espically when its cold outside my whole body get to hurting i have to take my strong pain medicine which makes me very sleepy so at night i be moaning and groaning because u be in pain,my youngest son say to me mom go to the ER and i say i will see how i feel after i take this percocet. So im awaiting on the decision and praying that t wont take 30-90 days before i hear something from Judge Lisa Dabreu she seems very concern about people health and it has nothing to do with her being a african american judge shes about her job so GOD you know my needs and not my wants according to my severe pain level.

  2. Ms. Rose says:

    It was very nice seeing an confidently smart African American Judge. I use to want to be a lawyer before i got sick. I have been working since i was 14, and hate that I became ill. With no help or family it is hard taking care of 5 children disable. I love my children so I will continue to fight the good fight of faith. I have lost everything my home, car, credit, ambition, & husband. I just pray that approved or denied. God will use me to continue to spread faith hope & love, I do believe I am pregnant with divine purpose so I will wait to see what the end will be.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fair, but not a pushover. Evidence must be in file. Often does not use VEs, and when she does, she seems to have difficulty constructing hypotheticals. Uses non-standard adjectives in hypotheticals.

  4. Anonymous says:

    She is a fair judge. Her hypotheticals will mirror hard evidence in the file, so get you file squared away prior to the hearing.

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