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  1. Jeremy James says:

    Judge Dodson, O P was a nice judge. He listen to my testimony and I felt he did a outstanding job on my Hearing. It only took him 2 days to decide on my case. He agree that I am disable and reward me with Fully Favored. I am happy this Hearing over with. Thank God.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This man lied about my vocational expert testimony. He should pay attention or document notes while he is in court with the individual. He also needs to lay attention to his residual function capacity sheets. This man is the worst judge and after reading all these peoples responses….it appears he is only declining the spine issues cases. Gee… I wonder why????

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have been fighting for my disability for going on 5 years now. When I had a hearing this judge was on circuit closed tv network. Several times during my testimony I caught him looking away and was distracted by something around him there, not really listening to what I was testifying too. He denied my claim yet again and I’m appealing that as well. IMHO, he needs to vacate his position because he’s not listening to the claimant, nor reading the doctor statements. In fact this judge very bluntly put it in black and white that my doctor didn’t have the correct ability to make such statements about my health and neurological status. I have a spinal cord implant that cost my insurance over $400,000.00 with out this unit I’m paralyzed from mid chest down, even with the unit I still fall from the loss of use of my legs. Since the replacement of this unit over a year ago I now can no longer hold things in my hands, my hands shake all the time now, I have great difficulty in writing anymore. I wonder how he’d feel not being able to know you have to go to the bathroom? or being able to do for yourself? Live in pain 24/7? I feel he needs to step off the bench.

  4. Aln says:

    The judge was texting while i stated my disability to him, i just wrote Washington DC and FTC about him, I didn’t get a fair hearing at all even though i’m disabling sick with diabetes neuropathy, degenerative joint disc and degenerative joint disease, asthma, and a list of other documented disabling issues. The vocational expert claimed i can stand at a cash register and press buttons all day with numb painful hands and feet, This deserve special attention from the commander and chief. I will write everyday until i get answers.

  5. LaKesha Mills says:

    I have Bren fighting for my disability for over three years. Finally had my hearing on 12/13 and seem it went well until at the end, the judge said he would have to review my records and send me a letter. The vocational expert stared there were no jobs available for the criteria my attorney stated

  6. Jennifer says:

    Very nice judge, he listened to what myself and my attorney had to say. My hearing was 10/6/16
    Waiting on a approved or not letter.

  7. stacey douglas says:

    This judge conducted a hearing on December 18,2014 and he was sleeping or appeared to be sleeping and then he started doing neck exercise and did not pay attention he should be removed from being a judge.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Such a nice man however that “concerned presentation” disarms Claimants and you may find out facts that dramatically change your case when your client testifies! All and all a fair ALJ.

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