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  1. Jennifer H says:

    She doesn’t look at the full person in front of her or she would know who is truly in need of ssd. Yet she is sheltered enough to let fakers who are out working right this second under the table to grant them ssd. This system sucks. I worked my whole life to be denied. If I was able to work, I would be there now. Not broke and starving.

  2. karen says:

    I have hearing with this judge in late October. Any feedback on experiences with her would be appreciated.

  3. Alison R. Loy says:

    This ALJ has had my case for both 2nd & 3rd hearing.
    Not good at job at all. This ALJ made so many technical errors that Appeals Council remanded it for yet a 3rd time. She over-looks major facts to instead focus on minor details like a missed appt, even though I am noted to have canes, walkers, morphine, 2 lumbar surgeries.

    For some reason, perhaps such a strong personal bias that hinders her ability to job, or lack of adequate training on SSD, Judge Xenos trails so far behind all other SSD ALJ collegues-both regionally and nationally- for case approvals, that I/we must strongly consider filing a formal “Outlier Judge” grievance in order for superiors to examine what issues she is apparently facing that forces her to keep barring the ill from their own benefits.

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