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  1. Anonymous says:

    She really listens to what is going on. Just had a hearing today, I feel it went well. My attorney said she never make her decision dat day any how. I have faith dat she approved my claim.

  2. Jesse says:

    I was made to feel comfortable during hearing, usually I’d have been a sobbing wreck. The interview was a teleconference from Minneapolis, and I guess I just wasn’t keen on doing it that way, but Lawyer’s rarely tell the truth…After the hearing I felt the only problem was that it felt so nice that she didn’t make me spill my guts and cry the whole time, which is hard for a guy to do. But I hope that all the medical evidence holds it’s weight, because now I think about it I should have brought much more to bear! Hearing was on 3/5/13 it is 4/8/13 no word but I feel positive because of honesty, alj’s had reviewed records before hearing, I could tell by the questioning, which made my day! As with Bi-Polar things are balancing once again, she could read that from medical reports, And I hope that after all the years of suffering institutions, hospitals a brighter future will be in store, although most days are still unreal…

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