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  1. Anonymous says:

    Unbelievable. Just wanted yes or no answers. My attorney, who by the way never said one word, informed me the night before that she didn’t want to hear any stories. So never really got a chance to explain anything . Whenever I tried she just said to me” Is your answer yes or no?” Terribly unfair. So I had an awful attorney and a terrible judge. THis is the most screwed up system I have ever been unfortunate to be a part of.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Approved for SSI by a Adjudicator.Had hearing with Judge Houston for SSDI she denied me for SSDI which right away when I walked into her courtroom I already knew that she would deny me for SSDI but never thought I would lose my SSI she said I should have never been approved for SSI to begin with said in her decision.Well if Judge Houston would have actually read the same records that the Adjudicator read she would have seen that from 2011 -2018 that I was admitted to the hospital 147 times for my COPD attacks that is why the adjudicator approved my SSI and actually the day that he called to approve me he had to call me at the hospital my daughter gave him the room number and the hospital number and that’s how I was approved from a hospital bed because I had a COPD attack.That is why I was approved for SSI.

  3. Steven Smith says:

    Awful-same as she was yearsago

  4. Anonymous says:

    Words can not express how I feel about this Judge Pamela Houston I felt like a slave in this Judge court room the unfair treatment, unfair decision, the insult to my entelect and the total direspect to uphold thelaw aand fair treatment under law I am currently contacting every government officials know to man this Judge should not be allowed to conduct her court room in this manner

  5. Bill Fails says:

    Judge Houston is the best judge in Orlando!

  6. Joe says:

    Judge (Pamela Houston) who was kind enough to consider my claim. It’s been a long, hard battle to endure pain, mental instability and extreme hardship after not getting a fair shake or much help elsewhere even with a clean background and military service. Pamela has allowed me a chance to recover some of my life back and I will definitely utilize the opportunity wisely. I wish the justice system at every level had more like her and my attorney (Danelle Campbell). They both have my sincere gratitude. Thank you kindly.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful, compassionate, yet fair judge. All of the Orlando ALJs are outstanding, but she stands out among them. As others have said, she is well prepared, and expects the rep to conduct the bulk of the questioning. She takes an interest in the claimant and does the right thing.

  8. Just a Rep says:

    Not sure what to say here..some days she’s great, somedays LOOK OUT! Thankfully, there seems to be more good days than bad. She’ll be wanting an opening if your the rep of record. She’ll probably ask the rep to do the majority of the questioning. Occasionally she will interupt and take over the questioning herself. Sometimes if she’s going to award the case she will say so right then and make it short and this is appreicated. She looks at her computer screena nd types a lot so don’t be discouraged if she isn’t making eye contact with you.

    Three stars for inconsistent rulings. Two stars for doing the right thing when she gets remanded.

  9. A.L. says:

    I am 30 with severe epilepsy. Ms. Houston was nothing but respectful and kind during my hearing. She noticed the small seizures I had during the hearing. Although I had not been able to see many doctors for treatment she said she was fully approving my claim and she told me to see a good neurologist as soon as possible and she hopes I found some relief soon. She was the first person to care about my disability since filing for ssi/ssdi 2 years ago. She did more than approve me. She validated my condition without dehumanizing me. A MILLION THANK YOUS!

  10. julius edwards says:

    the best judge ever she is fair but strick at the same time god bless her !!!!!!!!

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