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  1. James Briggs says:

    Pamela Houston said that I’m not disabled . I have physical proof.

  2. Attorney K says:

    Judge Houston is fair. I have been in front of her with various clients over the years. She has denied some of my cases and has approved some. We had tears in the courtroom where she approved right on the record and had tears in my office where she denied. What I appreciate about her is her humanity, her integrity and her knowledge of the law. Also, she is very thorough. Unlike some others, she actually goes through the record fully. Sometimes it is damaging our case, sometimes it helps us. I think no matter what, we need to be prepared and fight our best fight for our clients. If we do our job, Judge Houston’s job is easier to sort through difficult cases and approve the ones which deserve the approval

  3. anonymous says:

    Her approval rating is in the 30% range. She used to be near 50% but since the law changed she uses the consultative reports as a basis to deny the claim. Get your case ready for appeals council as she has her mind made up before you enter the court room.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Back to being how she was denying 65% of those who come before her. She’s down to 36% approval and uses the state agency doctors as a basis to deny your claim, despite the fact that the treating doctors fill out Mental or Physical RFC forms stating your client is disabled from all work. Get ready for the Appeals Counsel and Federal Court with this judge.

  5. Anonymous says:

    She presided over an appeals hearing of mine. The only time she even looked at me was when I was leaving. The rest of the time, she sat smugly behind her computer screen, occasionally shaking her head in apparent “disdain”. It was obvious she had already “judged” my case. If you get this woman, I pity you. She shouldn’t even be on the bench!

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