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  1. Anonymous says:

    Their is a judge in New York that has the same type of approval rate as Bucci. That judge is now being sued for biased oppinions. At a rate of only 25% approval they are finding certain ALJ are only approving people connected to certain attorneys (payoffs?). So maybe it’s time to find out Buccis reasoning and make her explain herself to a court herself . If you have worked 20-50 years of your life you’ve paid your dues. I’ve never went to a judge for a biopsy or operation so why are they making the decisions i would think a medical review board of actual Dr’s would be the better option to determine a persons disability. Oh and by the way Social Security gives ALJ a 2 month time period to make a decision Bucci seems to think that does not apply to her. If you contact SS they will contact the judge and tell her/him to make a decision. people who lived worked paid taxes should not be going homeless for 5-10 years while the system drags out the process. It’s very obvious they are just waiting for us to die so they don’t have to pay.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well it’s been 8 months since I filed another appeal against Judge Bucci and have not even heard anything back on if it was received. I have been denied twice by this judge even though we won on a remand and got her decision overturned in 03/2012. They sent me back to Judge Bucci again who was obviously peeved we overturned her decision the first time. Why would they send you back to the same judge who denied you already? I am convinced judge Bucci has a vendetta against me for making her look bad on the appeal overturn. She is a bitter biased woman who needs to leave our state!!! I am so disgusted on this entire matter I can’t even put my disgust unto words. 5 years I have been waiting for benefits while a I see people all around me get it for stupid stuff and I am far more disabled than they are. This system is so biased and unfair. I worked and pain into SSD for 30 years making 50 k a year. I can’t work full time now and never will again. Why am I being penalized? Because Judge Bucci judgmentaland is a very biased judge!

  3. fed up says:

    A bitter judge, you can tell in every paragraph of her denial. I think she belongs in Chicago not Phoenix just her tone and misrepresentation in her decisions says alote about her frame of mind. Do these judges have medical or law backgroundg or are they appointed. I do know this my decline by her states I have 2 major ailments she could not argue against but was still declined with 4 jobs listed. Why is she so bitter, might be the heat or good old fashon not knowing her job.

  4. Person Feeling Sorry for Judge Bucci says:

    Judge Bucci has every right to deny someone. I was denied and that is totally fine, like I said it is her job. What I don’t like is in her letter she insults you, calls you a liar, tells you that the letters from Dr’s don’t mean anything. Judge Bucci gives no weight to VA evaluations of people, as she stated in other words in my letter, but yet relied on them enough that SSA never sent me for an evaluation with one of their Dr’s. She insults the VA evaluaters who are just doing their job but relied on the opinion of the state medical Dr. who has never seen me or evaluated me (she contradicts herself constantly). I guess the VA has no weight because they didn’t state what she thought they should have, what would they know they are just Dr’s. Judge Bucci is an insecure, hateful, hag who should be seen for mental issues herself.

    Like I said it’s not the denial of the benefits it’s the personal insults within her letter. She needs to be removed from the bench she is far from impartial she needs to understand people in pain use drugs that how we are treated. She never considers that maybe the Dr. who wrote those comments where covering up for the fact that he was the one who proscribed the over dosage leading to the medication addiction. Oops, did I put somebody who never used narcotics before on a larger dose of daily Diladid, well it isn’t my fault it has to be his better write that down as well. She stated I drove from Oregon and that demonstrated I could sit longer than I claimed but failed to mention that I was in the ER almost immediately within my arrival in Arizona and had a suicide attempt shortly after. I think those are important facts don’t you. She fails to mention the multiple surgeries I have now had on my backs which the Dr’s felt needed surgery and pain control. I have had 4 back surgeries, a suicide attempt, I have sleep apnea which has been confirmed by a sleep study, I have had PE’s, I’m on blood thinners, I have a GAF Score of 45, I have been diagnosed with Asthma, I have been diagnosed with chronic pain by a professional psychologist who specializes in pain (what does she want)!

    She manipulates her letters and only points to facts that support how she feels about you as a person and not the medical facts and issues at hand. All I can say is Ma’am, I might be in pain and might have some issues but I’m sure glad I’m not as miserable and hateful as you are. I’m sorry to see that anybody would put you in any position of judgement because you are a clear and concise example of why there isn’t any justice in this country anymore and I’m sure your closet has all kinds of dirty little secrets.

    I’m glad you denied me as I don’t want to be in a system with this type of professionalism. I hope you have a miserable life and know your probably hated by all that know you!

    I don’t mean to get off on the facts of the case, it’s not that she denied me benefits, it’s that she insulted me as a person, manipulated her letter, and called me liar even though a Dr. confirmed the diagnosis.

    If you get her don’t count on getting benefits.

  5. alex says:

    After a 5x heart bypass in 2010 that has left me week and a tumor removed from my spinal cord in 2012 leaving a indent, loss of signal, numbness in legs, unable to be on my feet for 15 minutes and peridural fibroses in my lower back she said I am ok to work. Nevermind needing sleep 2-3 times a day, 6 meds for heart and diabeties, 2 for pain. Even the expert she had at the hearing said their was no work I could perform she herself came up with 4, one being “assembly work”. This week I find out if the arteries in my neck needs to be done, at the time of the hearing they were L62%, R74% blocked and waiting to be cleared for another surgery. All this was documented at the hearing, MRI, surgical reports, rehab and not challenged by her. She is in over her head, her denial letter excluded testimony, medical reports even included a paragraph from another case about a lady, come on Bucci, I am a guy, if you are making things up at least get the gender and ailments right its more believable…

  6. Tamra says:

    I have just received my decision letter from Judge Bucci for a remand hearing. This means I appealed her denial in 04/2012 and we managed to get her first decision overturned and a remand hearing. After 17 months of waiting, building the case, getting mri’s and new evidence I was then sent back to this same judge. Yes you heard it!!! Same judge who denied me the first time. This is standard practice on a remand. We didn’t just equal an impairment, we met the requirements of an impairment under diseases of the spine 1.04 with mris that backed us up along with other testing. Judge Bucci failed to even mention the MRI that proved we met the requirement. She minimized my impairments, disallowed every doctor I had in the last 4 years, wrote a19 page denial letter herself, not trusting a law writer to do it and threw stuff in that made no sense at all. We knew she was a bad judge on approvals but we expected to get a partially favorable decision from her considering the evidence we had. Nope….. Denied!!!!! This case has been ongoing since 2010 with no resolution. Now what? I appeal since she blatantly left information out and this is an error in law? Appeal and another 2 to 3 years with no benefits? Reapply? Lose all back pay and 1 1/2 years more no benefits? This is a nightmare I can’t wake up from!!!’ When a judge abuses power and gets the “I Am God, Doctor and shrink rolled up all in one” complex..it spells bad news for claimants desperately needing benefits. My lawyer’s advice? Move…move far away from this North Phoenix Office!!!! Lawyers are turning down cases now from claimants who have a hearing scheduled here because they can’t win and they can’t work for free.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I will reserve judgement until I get the judgement on my remand hearing. Just a note to those waiting, if you want to speed up your case, get in touch with your congressman. They can help speed it up if it is a dire need case. I will say I agree with the North Phoenix office denying far more cases than they should be. This hurts us in AZ if we happen to get our case sent there. 31/2 years I have been waiting for help on my case with no income and no help. I think we need to get an investigation going on this North Phoenix office. The lawyers know they are unfair and cringe when you say that is where your hearing is at. Some lawyers will not even take your case if you have a hearing here.

  8. MSL, US Air Force Veteran says:

    It’s a hard job to do! I’m sure she does her very best to help people that need it and our medically unable to work. I have a feeling many people struggle with the concept of not being able to work and differentiating it from not WANTING to work!

  9. Ender says:

    It seems very odd that all these judges had 40% plus cases approved prior to coming to phoenix north but even in there first year in phoenix north they approve a dramatically less amount of cases. Most judges were close to 50% approval before phoenix and to drop 20% approval rating based on nothing but geography is eye opening. It also seems odd that she has a consistent denial percentage over a 3 year period. As if they have a pre designated percentage they are to meet given to them from higher up the chain. This is actually factual on a federal level but the national accepted approval rating is much higher than 27%. I’m sure that is shocking to no one but the concern here is the blatant unfair judgments that are decided based on numbers and not the individuals plight. We could dismiss these percentages based on the fact that phoenix may hold a greater number of legitimately deniable cases than the national average but Judge Bucci was giving close to %50 approval in Chicago. No offense to Chicago but there is a zero possibilitie that Phoenix is any worse than Chicago in the fraud category or for that matter that people in Phoenix are any less capable of deciding for themselves prior to the application period if they are able bodied enough to work or not. The fact that this location has gotten to these numbers without a federal investigation only raises more questions. With a 10-15% approval going to the automatics, such as paraplegics and people of guaranteed wins it only leaves 15-20% shot for people who have unique or debatable disabilities such as pain and immeasurable conditions. I have yet to meet a Dr. that hasn’t unequivocally said that there is no possibility that I can work again( I have seen 12 Drs/specialists over just the last two years) and I have been going through this process for three years with no approval and no light at the end of the tunnel. I hope to all who those truly incapable of creating even a meager living the best of luck in getting an approval. Remember if you stay with it long enough eventually your case will be in front of someone who actually looks at you as an individual and not a percentage.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think it is time AZ residents start standing up about this unfair treatment from the North Phoenix SSD office!!! We are getting treated unfairly and have a far less chance of winning than any other AZ office of disability!!! 4 bad judges who deny 70 % of all hearing cases that cross their courtroom and this is discriminating against us that get our case stuck there. What can we do? Stand up and complain, write to Congress, Senate and everybody else…get it in the news!!!! Queens NY did it last year and they won against the bad judges there. Those judges were not even denying as many cases as this North Phoenix office is denying. If they can do it, why can’t we? No, we can’t get them fired, but we can try to get them out of our state!!!!

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