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  1. Cheryl says:

    My name is Cheryl Brown and my husband was approved for his Social Security this judge, he however passed away on December 31st 2018 and was expecting his money on January 16th 2019 I am his wife and I understand that I cannot collect his monthly payment but there is a substantial sum for back payments that we had borrowed against for the past 3 years I have called everybody and I’m hoping you see this post and we’ll get a hold of me I’m staying with my daughter Bernadette at 1913 East encinas Lane Phoenix Arizona you can also reach me at 602-596-9681 I hope to hear from you I’m at just for the aliens and I’ll give you an all ratings up thumbs up by the way

  2. TiredOfUbullies says:

    NO STARS AND TEN ***** UP to this *********!
    Today is Thanksgiving in the USA this *****, Should have NOTHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR.
    She is a TRAITOR to the US and is RACIST – CHECK HER STATS FOLKS.
    33.3 % APPROVAL in Phoenix? Yes Phoenix = 33 % Hispanic (w/undocs.)
    Look at the rates of suicide because she wouldn’t help those Americans that came for her help.
    Her NON Ethical staff is JUST AS RESPONSIBLE. Hope your bonuses were enough to overcome your time in ****. These ************ keep changing the facts after you are out of the courthouses and do ALL they can to keep their money to shove us these ************** MURDEROUS ACCOMPLICEASSES. I / we have lost FAR too many because of these PUTRID MOST UNETHICAL IN HISTORY ****! I hope your grand kids know what you are Patricia A BUCCI KILLER OF AMERICAN SOLDIERS AND THERE FAMILIES. Your actions have caused family members OF SOLDIERS to take their lives too. FEDS Don’t want you to know people!
    33.3 % APPROVAL Seriously? Why is she in Office? >> 66.6 disapproval – *****! *****’* **.

  3. gail says:

    The worst judge for this job. Biased and does not believe a word anyone says.

  4. Patricia Bucci says:

    The System is broken if you are not disable you will likely get it folks that are truly disable and need it typically do not get it these Judges are not Medical Professionals but they get to decide if you will be approved I had a hearing with Pactrica Bucci she is the worst Judge in Phoenix you pretty much got to be bed ridden with a few months to live before this Judge will approve you. I waited 3 years to get a slap in the face. I am 50 years old with Herniated Disk, Anxiety. Depression with Psychotic Features they put me through so much going to several of their Doctors test after test after test to no avail I even had to go to another one of their Doctors after the Hearing it is simply a Ponzi Scheme I worked all of my life the Government took money out of my weekly check which Money I will never see again My advice is if your are filing for disability and you are in North Phoenix area MOVE!!!to a different part of the Valley try to get in the Phoenix Area you will be a lot better off look at some of the others Judges approval rates Bucci has a 21% approval rate simply impossible to win…

  5. Broken heart and mind says:

    I don’t like being called a liar and a like it even less when my spouse is called a liar. Yet that is the strong implication in Madam Buccis written decision on my spouses case.

    I am too close to my spouse for anything that I say to be considered in the case according to this so called judge. She picked out the medical opinions that she wanted and totally dismissed others. Overwhelming evidence is irrelevant if there is just one differing opinion so the one opinion is chosen over the collective because it is the desired opinion. That seems to be this government employees methodology.

    Madam Bucci had no clue regarding my spouses medical issues although the conditions are clearly explained in the medical reports the Madam received.

    If only there was some way that Madam Bucci could experience the pain and frustration that she has wrought… My only comfort is that statistically most Americans experience a devastating illness at some point in their lives. I hope that when she finally does that she will receive understanding similar to her judgments and that people treat her with the same incredulity and insult as she has treated others.

  6. catbeason says:

    Judge Bucci is nothing shy if ignorant..I am disgusted by her inability to actually read meducal reports. She needs to be permanently fired.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If you need help filing a complaint you can call 202-502-2600. They will help you step by step. The north phoenix office will not let you file a complaint if you have filed an appeal. They seem to think that the appeal is a complaint and they are no help at all.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think it is high time that we stop Patricia Bucci from bullying all of us around.

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