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  1. RANDY RUSH says:

    Hello Judge Patricia Carey, this has been on my mind a long time. My disability case (nov,12,2020). Just wanted to say THANK YOU for reading all my papers regarding my health. As I tryedseveral times to get info to SS office,they always said no didn’t want all that,but I got all things around again that my parents kept all info and filled theremail box .Never herd a thing. But You Took Time to look at and read all things regarding my health. I was so shocked( someone really saw my stuff). THAnK YOU ! And thanks for the one paragraph about my work ethic! It really meant a lot, and still does. A lot of struggles ,I did try hard but sometimes your body does not work so good. Some employers didn’t get itlost some work.So anyway THANKS! Hope you and your family have a GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON!

  2. Paula Karnick says:

    I got a call from Pamela in your office. She left a 3 digit call back number. Your system only takes 5 digits.

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