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  1. T. Virgin says:

    I disagree with the above post. I went into my hearing a little under-prepared and Judge Kendall assisted me in re-requesting additional medical records and rescheduled my hearing in order for me to make sure my file was complete, accurate and contained all pertinent information in order for SSA to make a decision regarding my disability claim. I have yet to hear whether I am approved but I truly feel that Judge Kendall was kind and clear and concise in her questions, in her answers to my questions and in her follow-up questions. Although she was firm & no-nonsense- like, I feel that she takes her responsibility seriously and really does put in the time to review and understand the cases before her. She won’t be your best friend, but she will give you all the time and respect to plead your case and hear you out thoroughly.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I had this judge before. All that I will say is I hope God softens her heart. I felt like trash at my hearing. This Judge made me feel like a criminal. Not everyone that tries to get SSD or SSI deserve it but many of us do. Many of us suffer with illnesses you could never grasp unless you are in our shoes. Judges rule according to law but we don’t deserve to be treated as garbage. I feel she judged my case before I ever spoke a word. I felt like a science project a specimen. Maybe she’s tired of her job and has become heartless who knows. But God can soften any cold heart. It may be too late for me I lost. but there is someone out there that her ruling can change their life. If she is fair. I pray for this judge that she understands that people can have illnesses for many years over 10 15 20. I pray God Works on this judges heart and compassion. I never experienced mfeeling less than human until my hearing, feeling worthless, and reduced to nothing by this judge. This was by far one of the top worst experiences of my life.

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