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  1. Sharon Norwood says:

    If anybody on here giving this racist judge a good report, it’s because they’re white and republican. If you’re black it’s because she had to approve some black cases to make her not look racist.

    My doctor wrote a letter on top of all the medical records and she still refuse to look at it

  2. Rita Brooks Brooks says:

    Rita Brooks I have appeal over and over still passing out what do I do next die !

  3. Rita Brooks Brooks says:

    Yes and still was denied again now saying March of 2021 and going to appeal again? She didn’t even hear or really I think understand what is happening!

  4. Rita Brooks Brooks says:

    March 2021 now okay let’s see how much longer be denied! 2009 -2020

  5. No it not same thing denied denied

  6. She not very good at new judge please

  7. Rita Brooks Brooks says:

    I all ready new judge please don’t want her again I could not even see her and I told her that oh but she can see me I don’t feel that’s far either I like too see who I am talking too she not good at all I pray I don’t get her ever again

  8. Rita Brooks Brooks says:

    She gets nothing from me she didn’t even let me really March 5 rush hearing this when all this stuff really started I give her nothing need another far judge not her again

  9. For what I have 100000 and nothing she going to denied me again I just keep appealing one day she understands my case and pray she never hurt like I am for years now and still denied again BLOOD BRAIN YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS I PRAY YOU NEVER DO

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