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  1. Lisa says:

    I was denied by her in 2016. Twisted words exactly. My paperwork said hobbies I enjoy are gardening and hairdressing. Hairdressing was my job never a hobby and i can’t enjoy that or gardening anymore because of my health. That was just one twisted mistake in my paperwork. I will be moving to my home in northern mich. If I had to do over again would have applied up north will not take the chance of getting her again. I had 25years of medical history with same doctor plenty of proof and still denied 3 years after applying. People in northern Michigan wait 6months to a year for a decision everything moves faster and more compassion. If u get mckay, big waste of time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    judge McKay is very unfair and she does give little credit to evidence that will have your case approved I don’t know about her feeling like she’s above the law but I know she do that now you know matters in life someone sit on here that 1% of evidence she will use against you to deny your claim she also will switch up your words and say some crazy stuff you ain’t never said like for instance she said that I said I don’t like taking baths so I don’t like being clean or something of that nature which was never true I never say anything like that I don’t even remember questions asking about my personal hygiene cuz I definitely am very clean about my hygiene and I am very very very funny about I don’t think nobody should run around dirty and nasty so for her to put that in my claims that was also outrageous for her as a judge in the only that she is very kind but just because she’s very kind don’t mean she will approve your case she’s very kind and very restricted to improvement any of her cases as I see she did not every case I have to even talk to attorney who said she shouldn’t even be a judge they call her like a no pay that was the funniest thing ever but Mecano pay that’s exactly the name that fits her because 90% of the cases that that that don’t make no sense is people out here you little any help you definitely is able I’m 25 and have the worst joint pain they have any spaces I was 10 in the pain has got worse got medical findings of rheumatoid arthritis fibromyalgia migraine headaches joint pain all over nonstop excruciating pain literally and this lady spend the night also have anxiety depression and panic attacks but she still denied me I don’t believe she should be a judge and someone needs to look into her and all these other judges that’s just annoying people based off so how they filled it with a field instead of going based off of what medical leave town and presented to them and explain I feel like some of these judges need to be checked as they need to be brought to justice themselves considering they use that judge in your honor over us in as if they are better or higher in my dear and don’t care about the pain that a person is going through on a daily basis don’t care that a person is that area in on a daily basis there’s no cure for certain diseases and rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia is 1 and they still will deny your case no matter your pain no man in your life no matter if you want a wheelchair cripple then maybe you’re right prove you then again she may not does she have all the preponderance of evidence ini her face and still did not you

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge Name: McKay, Patricia S
    Rating: 0 Stars

    Have not worked in 4 years exhausted all my funds lost my house and may lose the house I am living in now 3 knee surgeries need a back surgery she dismissed all my medical info.But said for me to fallow my doctors restrictions.I can not go another 2 years this judge finds a way to deny you.And You can not do anything she is above us she plays GOD.I do not care about myself but my kids .

  4. lisa says:

    Judge McKay has such a high denial, I wonder why?… She does not like people or she is just feeling like she has that”power” it is too bad she does not seem very fair to her claimants.Some people only need fair not handouts….I guess you have to come in on your deathbed and she still might deny you….hopefully when they start having the judges report to someone they will see what she does…hopefully she is being fair on all cases…..but her denial rating makes me wonder

  5. Anonymous says:

    My son is a true qualified person for disability and she denied him because he has a girlfriend and she may help him out financially. Little does she know that she is disabled to.

  6. Anonymous says:

    They don’t call her “No Pay McKay” for nothing. The only real upside to her is that she is kind to claimants in the hearing room.

  7. Tawauna parks says:

    I was told she was mean and would deny my daughter case, she was nice but i havent gotten a decision yet but im scared because of her approval rate

  8. Anonymous says:

    Has a history of denying legit claims. If 99% of the evidence is favorable to your case she will use remaining 1% of evidence to deny.

  9. Anonymous says:

    In all of my years practicing Social Security law I have never encountered an ALJ as incompetent as ALJ Mckay. The ALJ denies cases that are legitimate and people clearly disabled. Recently, a claimant died after a denial from ALJ Mckay. The case clearly met the listing. The Appeals Council overruled her decision but it was too late. The medicaid the claimant would have received might of saved his life.

  10. Michael Johnson says:

    Ruled “unfavorably” on my Disability Hearing. This “judge” (if you can call her that) has a history of denying legitimate claims. She will take your personal testimony that you were “sworn to” and twist your words around to find a way to deny.

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