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  1. Anonymous says:

    He was angry, argumentative and VERY athoritarian. Unlike the gentleman above I have 30 to 45 days wait for judgement. Rating is a zero. I do have solid documentation and a great case. Maybe I remind him of someone he doesn’t like……. I was in tears the whole time. Thank you sir for triggering my ptsd….

  2. John Miller says:

    your honor, gave me my dissability in the courtroom…..when we first sat down he jumped all over my lawyer about who he was working for….i did not know what to think being i had never been in front of a judge before. when we decided to appeal the back pay his honor seemed to take it very personnally…again jumping on my lawyer about whose interest he was defending, when my lawyer gets paid if i win or lose…..i was awarded my dissability in the courtroom..his honor seemed to know i was not able to work given i had such a GREAT work record i think his honor knew i was not just trying to get out of work. but the malice and discontent showm towards my lawyer i think swayed his judgement against me after he looked my caase over..all the lawyers and all the judges and i had to find the two that really worked against me. i don’t understand how i was awarded dissability at the hearing but during appeals i got unfavorable status????? your honor if you don’t like my lawyer don’t take it out on me…..there is no way to shop for a lawyer when they all claim the same thing…so as soon as i started getting my longterm dissability i get mail from the advocater group..they were the only ones to approach me and it sounded good so i’m still puzzled why the judge went crazy on my lawyer..has anyone else had this problem with this judge…i don’t know if it matters but my lawyer was black….if this was a problem ….i thougt we were passed all that

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