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  1. Anonymous says:

    This judge was cherry picking at my first disability hearing on November 20, 2012. My attorney said that he had all judges which were completely/most understanding of a client. From the beginning, he put words in my mouth and was not interested at all about what I said. He did not listen well and I suspect he was against me from the beginning. He denied my disability claim, and my attorney was furious that day about his cherry picking. He was blindsided as he had not had this judge previously. He would not allow family/friends as witnesses. I sat on two pillows as I have pain there in my left buttock and down my left leg into my left foot for a ling time. He even asked if I ever used the cane to ambulate or was I just balancing it at the time. I was trying to answer his questions, but he was more interested in the fact that I previously had sinusitis, a doctor had noticed the start of arthritis in my right index finger and I had a pap smear. These ridiculous cherry picking incidents were not going to make me disabled. I hobbled out with my offset cane. I then appeared before him on July 19, 2016, for a remand hearing. He had his mind set for whatever reason to argue to dismiss my claim and not award me any monetary amount. My attorney was again completely blindsided. I don’t drive, but a volunteer driver brought me that day. I was completely stunned and blindsided myself. My attorney prepped me for the remand hearing in May of 2016. Judge Patrick J. Toal was rude and condescending to me. For example, He said I see you have brought your pillows with you again. Of course, I did. I have pillows to sit on at home all over the place. Several different chairs and I sleep only on my right side because of the pain on my left side with a leg spacer. He is a very mean and controlling judge. Not willing to listen to me or my attorney. I believe he should be removed from the Bench. My rating is so low that I would not even give him one star.

  2. Terrell says:

    Respectfully witty and kind when speaking to me. Professional and forthcoming; apologized when previous case had taken longer than expected; He tells it like it is and wants yours statements to match the facts; no negativity and one of the most magnanimous people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

  3. Anonymous says:

    After my recent hearing with Judge Patrick J Toal, I found him to be an upstanding judge. He’s very professional, well versed, knowledgeable of your case,a good listener,very polite and straight to the point. He only ask questions relevant to your case, giving you the opportunity to further explain if necessary. I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet with him, and wish him well in his career.

  4. Sheila Everett says:

    Judge Toal was very informed and knowledgeable in regards to my medical history and conditions. He took his time with me while asking questions which I greatly appreciated. He tried his best to make me feel comfortable and relaxed during the hearing.

  5. Dave M says:

    Had my hearing with Judge Toal about 4 weeks ago. Still waiting on the decision but I believe I won. He understood my struggles. He also read my entire med file so he could relate to my condition and 100% understood it.

    Judge Toal has a low rating, but like stated before its because of all the BS claims. I believe this to be ture as well. Its people like me that truely suffer that lose out because of it. I’m glad I got judge Toal.

    I wont sit here and say…I know people with less of a disability than me and they won. Bla Bla Bla. Believe in your case and that you truely deserve this, and you will win. Lie and fake it, you deserve to lose. And with my experience with Judge Toal. He sees this everyday, hes extremely smart. Try to pull some BS claim, your done. I told the truth and he seen that I was honest and unfortunately suffering.

    Win or lose my hearing. I applaud you Judge Toal !!

    Dave M

  6. Mike says:

    After hearing of Judge Toal’s low approval rating, I was very concerned. I had been unable to work for nearly three years and wasn’t sure how much longer I could survive without any income if I were to be denied. I agree that Judge Toal probably had his decision prior to my hearing at least a pretty good idea. However I would expect that, after admittedly reading all 600 pages of my medical reports and supporting documents. He seemed surprisingly familiar with my case and only needed clarification of certain details.
    I would guess one main reason the system is so overloaded is due to the large amount of bogus claims. Judge Toal, in my opinion, was courteous, to the point and showed true concern for my well being. I think His Approval/disapproval percentage represents that of a, conscientious and dedicated, quality ALJ.

  7. Anonymous says:

    After reading about the disability system running out of money very soon it is refreshing to hear about a Judge who is not digging this country deeper in debt. I have known people who file for disabilty when they are fully able to work. I applaud Judge Toal.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Also first hearing with this judge. He did have his own adgenda, you could tell that he had already made up his mind before you even entered the room. He suggested going to the DVR programs which is also an application process for people with disabilities. If he doesn’t believe the disabilities are bad enough what makes him believe they will think differently. He also belittles the person who is disabled to make them feel worse about themselves.

  9. Anonymous says:

    ALJ put words in claimant’s mouth and would not listen when she tried to correct. ALJ made statement regarding the record and appended the statement with a question mark – did not ask real questions. Did not let claimant finish answering questions when her testimoney contradicted what he wanted to hear. ALJ had an agenda and was looking for information that supported it. ALJ argued with claimant. ALJ was dismissive of claimant.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Recent first hearing with this particular judge.

    Rather shockingly unprofessional. Clearly had mind made up, dismissive of and belittling to claimant, and clearly not interested in claimant testimony. Repeatedly interrupted claimant while she attempted to ask questions, especially when testimony would have been supportive of claim for benefits. Claimant over age 50 with 2 level cervical fusion and residual upper extremity radicular symptoms. A very unfortunate appearance, reflecting poorly on generally high quality ALJs

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