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    If I could it would be negative stars. After last hearing IME expert has a list of jobs that “I could do”, in which my attorney kept stating that I would have to be retrained. Even then all he said was “I see where this is going”. All I want is what is fair, unable to work since 2015 and about to loose our HOME AND BECOME HOMELESS. With that being said I beg this judge to do the right thing

  2. Anonymous says:

    ime statI have to remain “Anonymous” cause my case is still pending. I’m waiting for hearing date since the last one, which is approaching almost a year. The Court IME stated on recorded that I was totally disable. He wanted all my medical records. When they were produced he sent an “Interrogatories” form for the Court appointed IME to fill out and send back to his Court. The questions were so contradictory and out of line like he asked what jobs can I do with my disabilities and the IME provided a list but also stated that an Employer would not be able to comply with my restrictions, therefore i wouldn’t obtain or even maintain their employment. My attorney requested a hearing date to object to line of questioning and that was 4 months ago. All we get now is my case pending a hearing date.
    i know this might fall on death ears or he might see this and really get upset and back to square 1 as I am still disable and waiting for a 2nd surgery
    Mined you my case was denied twice and each time it went to the appellate division my case we won the appealed twice.
    All I want is what is fair

  3. Joseph Burka says:

    Judge acted like a defense attorney towards my case. Completely unethical in the way he heard my case. He actually referenced IME’s that the defense had ordered with their go to case killing doctor which were actually dismissed when I mediated my lawsuit because it contradicted most of my other exams but this judge still used it. Then he used a case killing dr ( dr qwak pronounced dr quack because thats what he is and he makes money all day long killing cases ) to try to downplay my surgery ( spinal fusion and laminectomy done by one of the top orthopedics in nyc as unnecessary). Three orthopedics said I needed this surgery. I have been out out work since 2013 with multiple herniations, degenerative disc disease , Radiculopathy, narrowing ofcthe spinal canal, arthritis everywhere, shredded elbows, major sciatica, Lateral epicondylitis In both elbows carpal tunnel in both wrists and this terrible person wants to try to say my pain is subjective. I lost a 150,000 plus a year career as a result of these injuries and can make a lot more if I worked over what I would get from social security so why the hell would I bother with this if I didn’t have to. This is my insurance claim and not my money, pay my claim.
    Then they use that nonsense of looking for a job that you can do with your injuries, so on one hand he acknowledges that your injuries do in fact affect you and that my skills are not transferrable to any other job so they look for nonsense entry level that could be anything from watching grass grow to licking stamps.
    If your under 54 they deny you unless you get an ethical judge that actually understands the medical field not some idiot prejudice against younger claimants who has no idea what it is to be in so much pain you can even clean yourself after going to the bathroom. Who’s doing that for me at work, nobody, who’s keeping me as an employee after showing up late half the tome because I can’t move, drive, walk to public transportation because of the meds I’m on or the pain I’m in, nobody. I sent out over 100 resumes and no one is hiring me because I am a liability, I even tried to see if I cam get my old job back but I couldn’t pass the physical,
    Its reverse age discrimination plain and simple. The definition of social security disability is “unable to make gainful substantial income”
    Whats gainful substantial income
    Not minimum wage licking stamps with two kids
    I guess thats subjective too

  4. Anonymous says:

    Judge Kilgannon is prejudice towards youth! I have gone through 4 hearings with judge Kilgannon and 7 of my doctors filled out the physical and mental RFC forms. That showed how severe my back is because I have had a bilateral lumbar laminectomy and now im suppose to have a two level lumbar fusion with hardware. I have such severe degeneration, that I have no choice! On top of that I have severe RA, Lupus, treatment resistant depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Colitis and radiculapathy on both sides of my legs. I had an EMG to confirm it. He decided to listen to the 2 non examining doctors, who didn’t comment on my RA or Lupus vs the 7 of my treating physicians. Keep in mind it was 7 different highly trained specialists. I am also on a lot of prescription pain medication. He made me go through 4 hearings which took years even though my case is Dire need and denied me, 2 weeks after my hearing. Now I can’t afford my treatments and my doctors appointments and food, water, and shelter. I need that Medicare and that measly money every month. Im now about to file for bankruptcy. Meanwhile people much healthier than me are collecting disability with no problem! All this because of my age! This is disgraceful!

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