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  1. My name William S. I agree Judge Cutter is very effecient and highly verbal whers as you understand him although i have no law degree he walked me theough it..my case got confusing my attorney called and said they wouldnt pay me for the time of something 2020…but in the hearing judhe cutter said September 2021 which seen right anyway i hope they just amend me from my bdady which i agreeed too…thank uou

  2. Amy Snyder says:

    Judge Cutter is a very fair judge. He listens closely and takes his time to grasp an understanding. He makes others feel comfortable in his court room. He is time efficient. He is very knowledgeable. He is a wonderful person. God bless him.

  3. Grateful says:

    I’ve suffered from anxiety, panic disorder, depression and OCD for 22 years. Even with all of the medical evidence from my psychiatrist and 6 different psychologists/therapists I felt that I would lose my SSD case because I have the “invisible illness”. I didn’t expect to win but I was pleasantly surprised that Judge Cutter ruled in my favor. My case was very complex and I even had to fire my lawyer, but Judge Cutter looked solely at the medical evidence and made the correct decision. I’d like to thank him for helping me to get the help that I’ve needed for a very long time. Without his ruling I would have been in a terrible financial and mental state. At least I can fully concentrate on getting my mental health to where it should be for the sake of my wife and family. My life will never be as it was prior to 1993, but thanks to Judge Cutter I can focus on the future. Again, I thank him for ruling in my favor. He was very fair, helpful and professional. I’ll do my very best to put my life back together. Best wishes to Judge Cutter.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Judge Patrick Cutter is a wonderful judge. He is truly one of the best
    LAJ. in the county. He was very fair in the way he handled my case he
    took it step by step explaining the procedure before we ever got started.
    He took control of the entire hearing asking all questions that were
    important and concerning my case. If he didn’t get the proper answer he
    wanted to hear, he rephrased it much easier for me to understand. He also
    allowed me time to explain my total conditions without interruptions.
    He also understood my entire situation and conditions and handle them in
    a very Professional matter. The hearing was lengthy but it needed to be
    in order to produce a fair verdict. He asks a lot about your conditions
    in order to be fair. Despite what other people may think of Judge Cutter.
    He handle the case the in the most Professiional way a judge could handle
    a case. I personally want to thank judge cutter, for hearing my case and
    giving me the proper and most fair hearing a client could receive.
    I Took the time to evaluate Judge Cutter because he deserves the credit
    for all the hard work he puts into each and every case he hears.
    If you are truthful with the Judge he is true to you.

  5. Mark Wood says:

    I am truly impressed by Judge Cutter. I had a stress disability and he went out of his way to make me relaxed and comfortable. When the vocational expert gave his input, Judge Cutter asked great questions in order to accurately describe my disability. His highly verbal communication skills were an asset to the hearing.
    Legally, he was very fair and precise and explained himself well. He made his decision and sent me all the information in 8 days! He really must of worked hard to make me less stressed.
    Thank you Judge Cutter, you are truly one of the great ones in your profession. More people should evaluate you.

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