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  1. Timothy J. Hoepf says:

    Administrative Law Judge, Paul E. Yerin: You, sir, ordered BACK an Overpayment back in December of 2014-15 in the amount of $2,985.00. That money was sent to me by a check when I had already received by mail and activated a new DIRECT EXPRESS CARD. Ms. Farrell and 200 N. High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 set me up for another Overpayment and I was barred out of the building and all other branches when I had just got back in good faith to enter and conduct my affairs prior to the Franklin County Jail. The OIG on it’s website has in a link ( TOP SSA MANAGEMENT ISSUES). See SSA.gov (Report Fraud,Waste, or Abuse), link- Audits and Investigations. Out of seven topics two stand out. The first being safeguarding Social Security Numbers and the second being Overpayments. Ms. Farrell “disclosed” over the phone of Homeland Security Inspector, Jeremy Gumringer employee phone my SSA diagnosis and stated, “I should have a payee” on the 4th floor of the Appeals and Adjudication’s Office after I got out of the Franklin County Jail. This SSA branch of 200 N. High Street in Columbus, Ohio receives daily reports of individuals incarcerated and the day that a person was sentenced with the particular Judge. Ms. Vandivier employed at this branch stated by phone to me that I need to prove to this office I was incarcerated and that I tried to Contact this branch. This Office receives daily and monthly reports generated to them automaticly or mechanicly. I received two (2) monthly checks in the amount of $733.00 for the month of January and Febuary of 2015 while incarcerated and I am entiled to the January check because I was NOT sentenced until January 8, 2015 with seventeen (17) days Jail Time Credit or (JTC). I spoke to a Captain; Beverly Huff; and Kelly with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department and received the slated dates and disposition – which this Office already had aquired. (See ssa.gov The 200 N. High Street SSA branch took $73.40 from June of 2015 to June of 2016, plus the remaining ORDERED BACK amount of $785.00 – which added to $2,199.00 equals the $2,984.00 that sir you ordered back. I am also entiled to the remaining amount of $785.00 – which sir, you Ordered back do to an Overpayment issue from the beginning that I never received.

    Thank you sir for your attention concerning this matter.


    Mr. Timothy J. Hoepf

  2. Timothy J. Hoepf says:

    Judge Paul E. Yerin:

    my name is Timothy J. Hoepf and you sir decided an appeal in December of 2014 concerning an ‘overpayment dispute’ I had with the 200 N. High Street’s SSA branch. You found in favor of me and ordered back the $2,984.00. I was sent only $2,199.00 of that Order and the same office put me back into Overpayment before I even got released out of the Franklin County Jail.

    I recently found out through a Captain from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office that there office generates an inmate count of everyone incarcerated. This sir would mean that all Social Security Offices’ in Columbus, Ohio had prior knowledge of a beneficiaries incarceration date, but may still have put that individual’s benefits in Overpayment status while they were in the Franklin County Jail.

    The women in the SSA office at N. High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 DO NOT IDENTIFY recipients of SSI benefits; even managers.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m very please that Judge Yerian did a OTR decision for me. I appreciate the hard work that goes into each case file he must go through.

  4. allen says:

    Why is he so slow ……. Been nearly 2 years and still no answer.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It appears he is very slow at his reviews.. He has asked again to speak with me at the hearing office.

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