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  1. Anonymous says:

    He seemed really fair and I was extremely anxious during my hearing it’s been almost six months since my hearing and was told today a decision had been made to wait for my letter in the mail I’m extremely nervous because I can not work and I really hope he completely reviewed my case because I can’t keep fighting it’s been 4 years of fighting and no income so fingers crossed he took my entire history into account

  2. Kim E. says:

    Judge Greenberg is a very fair judge who listened closely to eveything I had to say. He could clearly see that I am unable to work and made his decision before the hearing was even over. This was a tremendous relief to me and I am very grateful for his immediate decision. Not having to wait for a letter in the mail saved me weeks of anxiety. Thank You!

  3. Jeff says:

    This judge seem to listen to what I had to share. Along with the evidence of all I had to present. I was very nervous and he made me feel at ease. Don’t know how other A.L.J. but I would recommend this judge.

  4. joseph d. says:

    This Judge is a listener more than a talker.He gives a good impression of all Judges of LA.He,ll go along way in his profession. Thank you.

  5. Dave H. says:

    He is a honest and fair A.L.J.,who decides on the evidence presented.All judges of nhc Baltimore can learn from him and each other. 10/06/14

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