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  1. Marisol says:

    I am so happy to have judge Johnston in my side . He gave me a chance to get a lawyer and get my other records from my doctors . Thank you he is a blessing

  2. Marilyn Menendez says:

    The honorable Paul L Johnston is very professional, fair, honest, responsible, rational and very understanding what ever the situation may be. His rulings are based on evidence for each individual situation and claimant at hand for rulings accordingly. Justice is done when a right decision has been made and Honorable Johnston is by far the best Judge in this district.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Based on Counselor Rod Deus preparation and presentation, Judge Johnston was able to quickly understand my situation and make a rational decision.

  4. Erica says:

    What makes a Great, Ethical Judge is not based on the number of cases he’s approved. It’s founded on a Judges ability to fairly assess the claimants entire situation, going beyond a stack of paper documents. Judge Johnston understands the invisible details of a suffering person, that many other Judges fail to observe. THIS is what makes him an excellent human being in the clouded ‘realm of disability rights’. Justice is done when a right decision has been made and Johnston is by far the best Judge in this district and beyond.

  5. John LaGreca says:

    Judge Johnston was very kind and understanding of my situation.

  6. Ted says:

    Judge Johnston was very fair and listen to what me n the attorney said he said he made his descion and told me to leave n then talked with my lawyer he is an amazing judge

  7. Ted Shirley says:

    He is a fair judge n an awesome judge he does his job thank u judge Johnston

  8. t Shirley says:

    he truly cares about the person is Casey is working onHe is a good judge that listens to you to make the best judgement,he is compassionate about his job.he takes take this time to make sure that everything you said in does is right,he truly cares for the gays in the person is working on. and I would love to say thank you

  9. T Shirley says:

    Great judge very compassionate and understanding. He takes his job serious and makes the right descion based of facts. Thank you very much judge Johnston. He is very honest and straight forward if records are in order he makes the right decision.

  10. T. Shirley says:

    Thank god for a fair and understanding judge that listens when some one is truely hurt. Thank u so much judge Johnston!

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