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  1. Anonymous says:

    I read his report and he incorrectly cited who I was in multiple ways at different times. Not only was he representing the facts wrong, but he wasn’t even being consistent with himself. Debar him and put him at the deep fryer.

  2. Michelle says:

    The judge explained how the case was going to proceed. Explained that he was going to call an internal medicine doctor, a psychologist, and a vocational expert. He proceeded to call the internal medicine doctor, who said I met the disability requirements on 3 different sections. After getting off the phone with the doctor, he thanked me for coming in and asked if I had any questions. So I did ask if was going to call the others on his list? He said he was not going to argue with the doctor, and said I would receive my decision within about 2 weeks. I am assuming this means I am approved, but I wanted to write a review because before my court date, I read these previous reviews and was so scared. He was very polite, respectful and professional in my case.

  3. Chris Hodges says:

    Judge Paul Hebda is conducting hearings illegally, is my belief – this is based on re-reading ssa.gov repeatedly and asking legal assistance in other states since Alaska has zero real legal help. Hebda is hostile, unfair, does not allow you to ask civil question. He is a very angry and illogical man, who seems to have a grudge against the universe…..let’s talk, Darth Vadar? He made derogatory personal comments about me that are based on zero facts and his court flat out lied to the ssa about my case. He tried to dismiss my case saying that I have “brain cancer” which I don’t, and that I am mentally incapacitated, which I’m not. He had the recorder stop typing when he made the inappropriate personal remarks about my character, which I pointed out to him. We are now in the Federal Court of Appeals and I am filing a Federal Lawsuit against him and the entire Alaska SSA. The Alaskan SSA is 100% corrupt, in case your planning on dealing with them. I am a resident of another state now and have checked in with 4 other states SSA offices regarding my SSA matter. ALL the other states agree with me. I have kept EVERYTHING proving how corrupt the AK SSA is. I suggest you do the same.

  4. Jason says:

    Most unprofessional judge I have ever been in front of. He and the ME spent 20 minutes embarrassing my client for being overweight. Claimant should have gridded out but he put a 56 year old with a neck surgery at heavy work. Sad and horrific!!!!

  5. Kat Hu says:

    Don’t listen to advice about taking your appeal higher up. I appealed to the federal court and won. The federal judge saw through judge hebdas ridiculous reasoning for denial and chewed him a new one.

  6. Me says:

    I have been in front of Judge Hebda twice and am waiting on my decision. I did not find him as a tyrant or out of control. He has a specific way he runs his courtroom and expects you – and your representative – to adhere to it. I have to admit during my first hearing he did as much as acknowledge me and in the second he did. I thought that very odd. Even though I do not feel real good about the outcome of my case due to his low approval numbers – and my representation – I am going to give this Judge a break. He’s tough, but if you come prepared I believe he will do the right thing. Thus I give him 3 1/2 stars.

  7. SRShaw says:

    Judge Hebda really did me a good turn. The firm I hired, Premier Disability out of Minnesota did a poor job representing me. Premier hired a contract attorney to appear at my hearing. This man, Casey Cox, out of Oregon only had access to my files for a week prior to the hearing yet was able to get me a favorable decision from Hebda. Hebda was so displeased with Premier that he denied the fee agreement, meaning he did not want them paid out of my back pay. 6 months later Premier tried to get paid through a process called a fee petition. They did not reply to the judge for 170 day (there was a sixty day limit). Now I began to call the national SS number every two weeks trying to get my money. I went to the local field office a few times trying to resolve this. One young man there (finally) read the two denials of payment and agreed with my claim that the 6000 was mine. He went to bat for me through the SS nightmare channels. Eventually, like a year later, after many calls and not losing my temper, his boss filed a “supervisor to superviser” request to resolve this mess and I just received notice that the he 6000 is mine

  8. Anonymous says:

    Do not file for Social Security Disability in Alaska unless you are on your deathbed, literally. SSA routinely denies good cases all over the US, but then in most states you will have a fairly reasonable judge to fix the denial. NOT IN ALASKA. Judge Hebda and LaCara have records that reflect little or no compassion for whatever ails you. (They award the fewest cases in the entire nation) They not only don’t care, but they aren’t willing to spend someone else’s money, (yours, if you paid federal taxes) to help you while you are down on your luck. If you only have an average case, nothing spectacular like brain cancer, move down to Hawaii or the lower 48 ASAP before filing for Social Security Disability.

  9. BigAL says:

    I had judge Paul Hebda over my case twice. The first time he denied. He ignored medical evidence such A physical capacity report and a letter from my treating doctor then I had to go through the appeals council and won and had a second hearing with him again where I had new medical issues. Where he ignored medical evidence again in my case and denied me a second time. He’s the kind a judge that pretty much makes a decision before your hearing even begins and has prejudice against disability cases. I advise you if you have a physical capacity report saying you cannot work and your doctor writes a letter saying you cannot work and he ignores your evidence and denied you go to the bar association with your paperwork and file complaints against him because this judge needs to be removed from office!!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am a 53 year old man with crohns disease. I was formerly approved for SSDI and attempted to recur to my job as a civil engineer. I had a few jobs at various companies, all of which i was let go due to absenteeism ( I was still sick). Judge Hebda expressed his displeasure with the way my case was presented in the paperwork by my attorney and spoke about his dislike for the firm I hired. I was issued a Contract Attorney who had only had my case file for a few days prior to the hearing, but somehow managed to convince the judge to give a “fully favorable” ruling. I was thoroughly impressed by the judge himself advocating for me. If you live in The Pacific Northwest I recommend my contract attorney, Mr. Casey Cox, whole-heartedly. Thanks Judge Hebda!

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