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  1. Jennifer Gursky says:

    I do not know the outcome of my hearing yet. But I can say she was very kind . I was nervous coming into the hearing even though it was over the phone, but I felt very comfortable to discuss my disabilities… which is not always easy.

  2. Valerie Stephens says:

    Although a decision has not yet been made on my case, overall this judge, although formal & polite, appeared to be very biased against me in regards to some of the questions that she asked, and they manner in which she asked them. I was not treated with dignity or respect, especially whenever I would assert myself & attempt to elaborate upon my lifelong conditions & how they have impacted and limited me from being able to work any full-time job in the competitive marketplace. I came away from this experience feeling very disparaged, and disheartened. Claimants are already suffering from conditions which make life harder to bear. It does not help to be treated with such disregard & prejudice, not to mention the time which we have to wait, and the often demoralizing process that some claimants are put through. Also, a lot more weight seemed to be focused on the fact that my mere chronological age is under the age of 50, than on the facts of my case. Just as many ‘younger’ people find it difficult to find jobs which are seeking older applicants. It does not seem, from what I heard, that many of these people dealing with these cases truly understand what the market is really like out there, especially for people who struggle with handicaps & limitations. Their vocational specialists are also not required to cull stats about jobs that are available in a person’s local area. They only must show the ‘national’ stats. Nevertheless, all of this is beside the point. My claim for benefits is based on the fact that I cannot maintain full-time employment due to my conditions-not just any type of work. I definitely felt that this fact was brushed over by this judge. All in all, she was formal, and polite, but also very biased & seemingly limited in her depth of understanding concerning my struggles and conditions. However, with that said, I have every intention of fighting this on the next appeals levels, should it be denied.

  3. Brian Soderston says:

    Very nice, she treated me with respect. Don’t know the outcome yet, but the judge was polite and thorough.

  4. Richelle Landman says:

    she was very nice and polite!

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