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  1. Anonymous says:

    She is rude to the client and attorney (or rep). To the attys – don’t back down…she is still bound by the law whether she believes she is or not. I can’t wait to have her any decision she denies overturned on appeal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ALJ has a very low approval rating and perhaps she is biased but with a rating that low she is denying just about everybody. Claims of racial bias are nonsense.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Based on her approval rating, I am certain the claimant’s race is not a factor; hardly anyone gets paid.

  4. Anonymous says:

    ask any attorney and they will tell you that McFadden is not a fair ALJ. Why she is still in the ODARS office is beyond me. Look at her record, it speaks for itself. She doesn’t seem to comprehend doctors notes, records. If a person has 6 doctors saying this person cannot work then what is the problem? She should be investigated. It would seem she is only in her position for money and not for the office she holds

  5. Miss bi-polar says:

    As a bi-polar plus other mental health issues with letters from phyciatrist, doctors and so fourth writting that due to my conditions I am unable to work with others or follow the simplest instructions. I was denied by this judge. she didnt even read the last two years of medical reports from my mental health doctors. or the last year from medical doctors. she made up lies in my denial letter.my meds run out in a few days and with no income and gov health care that doesnt want to aprove my meds or care because of cost. I take 7 dif meds per day. It will be very interesting to see how my life turns out now. She is very cold and does not understand medical reports and very lazy at her job if she cant read the last two years. dont get this judge unless you are black. she approved a friend that was less off than me but is black and much younger. hopefully the review board will do a better job if not the court system after that. i will keep filing over and over till I find a judge that knows what they are doing. (written by a friend for Miss Bi-polar in her presents and in her own words)

  6. Ben says:

    I really wish I could find something good about this ALJ, But I can’t find even one positive thing to say. In all my years I have never seen a person as cold and inept to understand a medical report and what is in it. You will find many lies in your denial letter for reasons of such. If you get this judge you may as well not show up and just file a new claim and hope for a ALJ that has good comprehension skills.

    I would like to know the ratio of Black Vs Whites that have been approved by her.

  7. Jasmine says:

    Ms Elmore doesn’t take medical information to rule and doesn’t know what is in the files. It would seem she uses more personal feelings into her decision. It would seem like she skims over the records what little records she must read. There is no way some people that are being denied should have. If you are getting this judge please do yourself a favor and beg to be switched. SC really need to get rid of this ALJ. A very bad ALJ in my opinion and should not be in the position she is. She should be practicing in private law. All this ALJ is doing is clogging the review boards and federal appeals office with appeals. I have a feeling most of her judgements will be over turned which in turns does nothing but waste money in which SC cant afford.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Fabricates false evidence by miss reading doctors reports. Has no idea what doctors are saying in reports. A very bad example of a ALJ. she needs to be investigated. Does not know the claimants file or must be blind as to what is in it if she does read. She doesn’t seem to like white people

  9. BT says:

    This ALJ is notorious for not knowing the content of the claimant’s file, ignoring evidence that does not fit her preconceived notions of the claimant, and dismissing legal argument out of hand if she did not think of it first. Her demeanor is ice-cold. Unlike other bad ALJs who are polite in their direct contact with claimants and representatives, Peggy acts like the whole world is her enemy.

  10. Anonymous says:

    She is a very straight forward judge that is fair. She does have a low approval rate but I feel that is due to frivolous claims and new on the job in Columbia SC. If you are truly disabled, I am sure you will be happy with her. If your case is frivolous, she will see right through it.

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