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  1. Jacquelyn Rainey says:

    I am writing you , or rather my oldest daughter Imani Rainey Carter is typing as I speak so that my thoughts are eligible and my grammar is correct because my heart and spirit is very heavy as well as I as well as many, are dire need of your help. My lawyer Attorney Jones bless his heart is not aware of what I am doing but I am begging you take the time and read the reviews below of this particular ODAR/ALJ judge, Anne-Mar A Ofori-Acquaah | Disability Judges, it is saddening, depressing, and pathetic. It may not seem like a lot to you but for a family, our family-no many families, it is a situation of life and death for myself and many, many others. Please read with your gift of discernment, empathy, love, and understanding.
    If Judge Ms. Anne-Mar A Ofori-Acquaah has no empathy nor compassion, if she is there “weed/demolish” the garden, to belittle and make you feel less than what you are, if she is there to pick out small “bits” of information in order to deny individuals that have proper medical documentation, notes, representation, and is in need ONLY to pick two or three irrelevant things that happened years ago INSTEAD of doing her research and giving help to those that need help….she needs to find another occupation. Both times that my case was heard by herself, my lawyer, and her team it was one of the worst intimidating as well as experiences in my life. I do not remember the interviews nor the questions. Thanks to extreme anxiety and after a major seizure my memory, focusing, nervousness, etc…..altered. To this day, only by the grace of God, my youngest children 14, 13, 13 passed this year on their on. Me, a teacher for over 16 1/2 years, had forgotten how to teach content that use to roll off my tongue and give me joy. My daughter barely made it to high school but thank God she did….ALL of them. But it was not because of me or my knowledge….it was prayers and God.

    I personally have multiple conditions that keep me from working and they have been well documented, recorded, taken down to Social Security myself and they should be in my file. Disclosing personal physical and especially mental information about oneself can be degrading and embarrassing…especially when you have certain conditions that make you feel crazy and less than a human. The doctor that Social Security sent me to gave and documented more medical information pertaining to myself that’s sad to admit but factual. When one has to battle physical and mental conditions daily and is on meds for them, can’t stand for more than 10 to 15 minutes because of the injuries sustained to foot and back, taking muscle relaxants and CBD rub on and tinacture….it is embarrassing and it puts you at an all time low. Not to mention how physical I was with my children in and out of the classroom but my last three angels born in one year….2007.

    This judge…the “God in her” felt the need to pick out only certain minuet things about my original handicap and left ALL of the other well documented conditions that I sent in, made sure they were there, and checked on along with my daughter almost daily. I have NEVER asked for SSDI in my life before except for my son but then I went back to work. NOW, after I have worked and dedicated my life and my health for years I HAVE HAD to ask…no plead…. for myself if I and my family. I would not ask if I didn’t really need it but almost every part of my body collapsed physically and mentally; in a way I never thought God would challenge me.

    As I sit here and await my decision for my reconsideration, I weep with fear, sadness, and depression but I also have a sheer sense of hope and faith in God and one or more of you to obtain just for me and all that deserve it. I feel like I am at my end and my heart can’t take another no. Please, please, please…..HELP.

    Sincerely and humble written in Jesus name,

    Typed and corrected by: Imani Rainey- Carter- my mom’s representative.
    Jacquelyn Rainey

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