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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was recently reading the positive reviews about Judge Peter Storey and his 65% approval rate and I thought to myself this can’t be the same judge at my hearing in July 2015. My hearing lasted all of 15 minutes and when I received my unfavorable decision and read his negative comments I was so confused. He ignored all my relevant medical records and focused on the most ridiculous stuff to deny my case. I am a 100% disabled vet and I am under the care of more than 10 doctors, specialists and surgeons and I take more than 25 medications on a daily basis. I have thousands of medical records and reports and he never asked me questions about comments in my records. Even though he said he carefully reviewed my records I doubt that he did because he made a decision in less than 90 days. He commented on the fact that VA gave me a rating due to my uterus being removed but didn’t review doctor note about the severe pain I am still in and the medications associated with the removal. I suffer from severe migraines but because I didn’t report having a migraine everytime I saw one of my doctors he thought that I was lying. I had foot surgery in Jan 2014 and he said that in Mar 2014 my physical therapy notes said I was walking alot but he ignored that I was in therapy twice a week for 2 months and went from not able to walk without crutches to walking more. I have numerous medical conditions and they are controlled by alot of medications that states do not operate a vehicle or equipment while using but he says that I have minimal limitations and never asked me about the side effects of my medications. The bottom line is that his mind was already made up before I enter the hearing and he does not want the reputation as being the judge that is approving too many cases. I just began my appeal at the appeals council where I have less than a 2% chance of them saying he made a mistake. I’m 52 been working since I was 16, spent 28 years serving in the military and left mentally and physically ill and now being told by social security experts that I am not really really sick and I can find a job that will let me work for 2 hours a day and go to medical appointments every week and oh yeah I will be heavily medicated while working. This entire process is broken in Macon Georgia and needs an outsider to investigate the wrong doings.

  2. Tom Jones says:

    I have known Judge Storey as a colleague at the Board of Veterans Appeals and as an ALJ prior to my retirement in 1996. He is a fair and honest judge and anyone fortunate enough to come before him should be assured of an objective and thorough decision.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge Storey has always been a fair and compassionate adjudicator, first with the BVA and then with OHA.

  4. Anonymous says:

    very nice and caring individual. I feel blessed to have met him!

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