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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank-you for you patience understanding and favor Judge Beekman

  2. C. Gayles says:

    The reviews above made some of my nervousness go away about this Judge as I appeared before him via video yesterday. I agree that he does listen and asks his questions indiscriminately with understanding. Too soon yet to say he will rule in my favor but overall to be able to tell my story to a person who is familiar with my condition and can relate, took some weight off my heart. Thanks for your reviews.

  3. Sandra Conner says:

    My experience before Judge Beekman was very comfortable and I felt that he actually listened to me as a person with many health problems that have caused me to not be able to do any type of gainful employment. He was fair in his questioning and he LISTENED to me when I was asked to speak. In his decision, he followed all the applicable laws for disability requirements. I am very grateful that he thoroughly reviewed my case and gave me a fully favorable decision. Many thanks for such a competent Judge.

  4. Kathy Spragg says:

    Very pleasant judge that is so understandable of peoples disabilitys and the pain they have suffered over time. Thank you

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