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  1. A.M says:

    Very quick handling my information shot me down at earliest level, asked no questions to get judgment of case, didn’t try to understand and level of my situation, can’t say racist, can’t say bigot…more uninterested in any of the evidence, v.a rating, or circumstantial issues surrounding my case. Won’t just put race or gender into equation, overall I believe him to be a man who has left many rocks unturned, and much room for spectacularly observations to say if tired of your job, retire…do better many people on the streets aren’t addicts or non complaint citizens..just people who didn’t get a fair hearing hope the same homeless vets you drive by every day wasn’t short cutted by this man who forgets the disabled, unfamiliar of there benefits / law, and last but not least victim of circumstances…have not had the unfavorable decision of being placed in what could viewed as a mockery of the law governing the quality of life of past, present and future tax payers.

  2. G Harris says:

    Biggest bigot on the planet. Misogynistic, homophobic, idiot! He has no clue hiw to do his job. He ia an overpaid guard dog to a house of stolen monies.

  3. ba says:

    bigoted, racist, jerk

  4. Helen says:

    judge peter j.baum He gave my husband a waiver overpayment of $83,000 he is fair we will see what happens.

  5. David Marler says:

    Judge Baum. He is a very straight shooting judge and is very fair!

  6. Sandra says:

    I went before judge Baum back in 2011 and he granted me 100 percent disability with bk pay and than I was denied because my roommate started getting his Soc.security someone filled us a married couple so I was cut off and had to reapply again fo disability and was supposed to get bk 4years of bk pay when I was approved again and judge C.Davis only granted me 1 1/2 years bk pay when I was determined 100 0/0 bk in 2012 by judge Baum now I feel discriminated by judge Davis so I plan to appeal his dicission to get all my bk pay I deserve from 2012 to the present time no better judge than Peter Baum god bless him

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    Fair, happy with case

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