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  1. RMH says:

    As far as my own case. Health. Number one!! Read up on progressive and incurable in connective tissue disorders. You missed it all. I have every single aspect. Gene mutations change too. Mix. And you need to educate yourself for the next victim. You want new evidence? I get a new diagnosis frequently. Everything has progressed Mr. Kimball and you changed my journey. For the worse. I’m so close to quitting but after your inept report. One more time. Wait until you or someone close to you gets something similar. Best of luck. It’s no life. Quality. You think a small amount of money is going to change the inevitable. I have the bad type. Want another new look? You had 90% + wrong or missing. Enraging. Insulting. And uneducated on this topic. Sleep well. I never do. Many reasons. You missed I had no health insurance for a long time. And PROGRESSIVE. It’s taking me down faster than I ever knew. I’m playing beat the clock. Disservice to me personally. I have nothing to lose so here’s my kind review. This was a couple years ago. You’d be wise to watch my case. If I make it. Or come on by.

  2. RMH says:

    I just read his denial report. After 2 years. I was forewarned. He completely blanked me over. Info was completely inaccurate. Degrading. I have all the ” evidence” right, here as I hired a new lawyer. Appealing. Pray for the people unfortunate enough to get him as their judge. I’m too flat to react but he’ll soon see. I got this. I had it all along. What a waste. He’s playing God.


    This the judge this denying my right to in person hearing based on bias. I plan to file a complete complaint.

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