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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wouldnt wish my worst enemy on this judge….done with life !

  2. Anonymous says:

    Judge Lee decided that the pain I have did not agree with his opinion. He also took the opinion of the SS medical staff ( even though they never examined me ) over my physicians I’ve had for the last 7 years that have documented for injury including my surgeon ( multi level back fusion).

    The financial ruin this cost can’t be described, the breakup of my marriage, and I’m still in too much pain to work. Documented depression not even considered in the final decision. In talking to others, judges know exactly what language to put in their decision to deny claims…people’s live hang in the balance of their decision, I’m living proof.

  3. Belinda says:

    Judge lee seems nice he didn’t talk much i did address i would like medicare i got medcaid hmo but it hard to get the doctors i need. Im only 50 but i started working at 17 i fought my disable body from hit and run accident as child my back and lower half is stiff loke gout i need stronger medicine for pain

  4. Anonymous says:

    I heard a lawyer say that if he had Judge Lee for all his cases he would have to get a 2nd job.

  5. Ronald says:

    I don’t see any reviews regarding Judge Lee. Just that he has to worst track record of approvals

  6. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone had this ALJ? How is he?

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