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  1. Dale Austin says:

    I would like to Thank Judge Train for his fully favorable Decision dated December 14, 2017. It has been a 44 month Journey to get to this point of receiving my Notice of Decision. I can hardly believe I’m at this point. It will still take a couple more months for the Award Letter and actual Cash Deposit(s) to my bank account, but I am Grateful I was Fully Approved. Judge Train was very professional, He spoke calmly, respectfully and clear. He made sure I understood what would be happening in the Hearing and invited me to stop him and ask questions if at any point I was confused. The hearing was conducted September 20, 2017 and I learned my Decision December 14, 2017. The hearing lasted 1.5 hours. I was very nervous. My impairments were Mental and Physical. I had severe impairments of Thromboembolism of the right leg, Fasciotomy on my right leg, and Amputation of the 5 toes on my right foot, Osteoarthritis, Obesity, Depression and Anxiety. I had 5 suicide attemps, countless hospitalizations, and 1700 pages of Documentaion on my Medical Issues. Judge Peter Train took the time to weigh and consider each Doctor’s written statements and opinions and wrote a 15 page Letter of Decision pointing out everything clearly and concisely. After weighing the evidence he decided in my favor. You must have good Documentation. I can’t stress that enough. I was surprised my documentation ended up being 1700 pages. My Law Firm Of Katherine Niven and Associates did a thorough and excellent job on my behalf. I would like to thank them as well. I hope to anyone reading this that you are seen before Judge Train. He is Fair and Honest. Thank you

  2. Y. Smalls says:

    Judge Train was very informative in our meeting with him. His throat was sore and I suggested peppermint he thanked me had some and said it helped. Glad I could be helpful. Nice person…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hearing before Judge Train was very thorough and concise.he is a excellent Law judge and has full recognition of his job.he makes the process and hearing understandable to all involved.he takes his time and explains what he is asking so that he receives a qualified answer to help with the adjudication process and with that I felt comfortable.

  4. Jean Anderson says:

    I just received my letter from the SSA ODAR. I waited to post not because it would have affected the rating that I gave to the Honorable Judge Train, but rather I wanted to be able to give more information to those who might be searching as I did prior to my hearing.
    My lawyer informed me the day before my hearing which Judge I would see, and I was happy to see that the only review here for him was a good one. His rates of approval vs. denial give away the fact that he is what I saw as a very unbiased Judge.
    He asked all of the appropriate questions and gave me enough time to state my case after asking each one. I was worried that I would be unfairly judged given that my age at this time is 28. While this issue was brought up, he also listened to my responses and had read through my (albeit large) medical file.

    In short, I found him to be very fair as well as knowledgeable even given that I am dealing with a relatively unknown condition. Just 13 days from my hearing date of 8/13/13 I received my letter on 8/26/13.

  5. sherry wileman says:

    mr train is one judge who asks proper questions to ne answered. he explained everything and went over every thing with me. Mr Train is a true judge , wasnt mean or nasty. mr train is there to determine disability and that is it…my hearing was in nov 5 and he just made his decision so i know i am waiting for desision to arrive…

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