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  1. Anonymous says:

    She is aweful! She won’t let you speak to explain your situation whatsoever. She wants yes or no answers and even when you think you’ve answered correctly, she will yell at you. She will use anything and everything against you avoiding what your doctor and the medical records read. She rolls her eyes, shakes her head at you and yells at you. I don’t wish this judge on anyone and wish she was removed! I was told by my attorney she is the worst judge anyone can possibly have.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Eye-rolling and exasperation are indeed hallmarks. She likes to make unlettered, suffering clients cry. One poor illiterate client was asked “When did you become disabled?” Unfortunately, he does not know about how we set alleged onset dates. He answered, “I don’t rightly know, ma’am”. She thundered abusively at him “WELL, if you don’t know, how am I supposed to know?” I don’t care if she abuses attorneys–we’re getting paid, but these clients are vulnerable and suffering when they walk in. How dare she be so callous?

    She is sadistic and has anger-issues which have nothing to do with the clients or the attorneys. She is a disgrace to the office.

  3. Disability Rep says:

    This judge is condescending and cold on agood day. Previous posters are right- be prepared for lots of eye rolling, sighs, and looks of exasperation directed toward both you and your client. She seems to scratch the bottom of the barrell to look for ways that she can deny a claim. It would seem in her eyes that no one is disabled unless they die and reading some of these posts it seems not even that matters to her.

  4. Jose Lopez says:

    Hope you never have this ALJ. Can you believe that she approved our case with a future onset-date? Claimant has been disabled since 2010, and though ALJ approved the case she said that he has not been disabled until after the hearing. This ALJ should be sent home.

  5. It's Going To Be A Bad Day says:

    She’s nice until the recording starts then her personality changes. Be prepared for lots of sighing and eye rolling as well as shaking her head. If you are lucky enough to not get any of that be prepared for her looking at you like you have three heads. 32% approval will tell you she doesn’t believe you and you will be denied. She would be better suited in a job she doesn’t hate. That way she wouldn’t take her frustrations out on the people who appear in front of her.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Know how to present your evidence to your judge. Enough said.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Claimant survived lung cancer in 2003- chemo port pierced her heart and she devloped cardiac conditions that led to her filing for disability. UF with ALJ Murray (good riddance), got Jones on remand. After requesting all kinds of records prior to the claimant’s onset date, and other things both relevant and not relevant, we got all the records and submitted them. Claimant diagnosed with cancer again. Died. Almost one year after the hearing, the ALJ issued a partially favorable decision- granting benefits the date of her 50th birthday, which was two months before she died. Her son will get ZERO benefits because of this decision. I don’t know how this woman lives with herself and can sleep at night.

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Disability Pro says:

    Forgot to rate in my prior post. Overall, tough but fair.

  10. Disability Pro says:

    Be on guard for the poorly crafted and very confusing questions she poses to Vocational Experts. Because consultative examiners and DDS documents are sacred to her, you must undermine the credibility of those exhibits to stand a chance with Judge Jones. However, if you sufficiently undermine the qualifications of a CE examiner or point to inconsistencies in a state agency consultant’s findings, she will listen if you press these issues sufficiently.

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