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  1. Chester Kercher says:

    Well I see that your percentage of case approval’s have been dwindleing in the past 4 yrs. I wonder if the pressure from the government and your superiors is adding to your ability to make fair “judgements? With the media’s imput with article saying that disability approval by soc. sec. “judges” have been on an incline must be tough being fair and unbias.Maybe if the gov. wouldn’t have taken the lock box off soc. sec. to help fight needless wars and create us mentally disable veterans they wouldn’t have this so called soc. sec. safety net, probably would have a “running short ” of money issue. That might help in letting the “judges” feeling pressure to disapprove so many case unjustly. Seem’s the going approval rate is at 46%?Wonder what it will drop to by the end of this year ?The system is flawed.You have gallantly stayed right on the national approval average. My My!

  2. CHESTER kERCHER says:

    Judge/Doctor Moulaison, in you disertation on why you found “unfavorable” in my case was that their was a job I could do. A JOB THAT (!) YOU SAID I DID FOR 15 YRS, THATS UNTRUE, 2, a job that I worked 4 yrs at and asked for and received a transfer to another position with that company because of physical difficulties in performing that job which later I was terminated from because of my mental issues in dealing with other co workers and lack of respect for those of authority and YOU recommend I can do work like that physically and safely?You should have study my file and listened to the PROFESSIONAL DOCTORS IN MAKING YOU DECISION.YOU WOULD HAVE THEN BEEN DOING THE SYSTEM JUSTICE!

  3. nancy schmid says:

    Thank you for your kindness and fairness.

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