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  1. Al KentK Sievers says:

    A family friend who has been a hard working man his whole life but can no longer work, appeared in front of Judge Mitchell, who proceeded to rule that a list of disabilities two pages long were not really impairments to his working. This man’s poor family now can’t make ends meet. Judge Mitchell … we will all meet THE judge one day.

  2. F. y. preston says:

    Five star was wrong hes a 0 star but have to give 1 for comment

  3. Fuck you preston says:

    He should not be a law judge he is a joke and unfair and thinks he has Same problems and bases his wrong decisions from that . he does not consider medical records but only his childish questions.

  4. Ricky Ray says:

    This corrupt judge is a Cluster B personality disorder psychopath who did a long distance hearing with a broken disabled man. He was 1/2 hour late, then treated it like a joke with disgusting behaviour. He already had decided to deny the man, but was rude and condescending to him. He printed Libellous slander on the “unfavourable” decision and is guilty of malfeasance and misconduct.

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