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  1. Liberty A Guest says:

    I had my ssdi taken from me after 4 years. I had to go to the fl Supreme Court. Within a month after being granted a new trial the Honorable Dirk Selland approved me. No attorneys in the courtroom. I didn’t want the attorney that lost the first time .after 7 years of fighting this case. It almost killed me…LITERALLY! The Honorable Dirk Selland approved 10yrs. I cried tears of joy that I finally got a judge that could see I was disabled. It’s been difficult because I love to work and I just cannot at the moment. So if you’re truly disabled… He’ll see that and approve you. Thank you Judge Selland for approving me. I tried to take my life after being denied so many times, when i knew I couldn’t work yet no one believed me. God bless you and your team.

  2. Lala Woods says:

    I seen this judge on 7/24/17 he was really nice I think he can tell I was nervous and my anxiety started to kick in he was really patient when I was answering my questions and the vocational guy on the phone said a few things I was a little confused but I think I understand what he was saying. I wonder how long it takes him to make his decision it’s starting to make me anxious cause I told him everything and last time in 2015 I got a paper it said I was disabled but that I was denied so that really confuses me it really don’t make sense but I hope that this time they approve me so that it can be done wit already.

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