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  1. Tim B. says:

    This Judge is an absolute certified *******!! His assistant told us we should go into the court room to our chagrin, the ******* yelled at us to “Get out of his court room”! ( Excuse Me? Who payed for “Your Court Room”?) Then you denied my wife’s claim because a Dr. In California said she can work? This Judge is a “CERTIFIED *******” come get me ya ******! Just saying what the truth is! Request a different Judge if you get this prick! Even our Lawyer was scared ******** of this *******! Yeah, Judge Payne! You’re a REAL PAYNE IN MY ***!…. YOU *****! I have to work 7 day’s a week just to squeak out a living!! What a *****!! Thank you very much!!! Nothing like the truth Huh?? We didn’t apply right away because I guess “pride” got in the way! I didn’t mind working 80+ hour’s a week when I was in my 30’s and 40’s! Now, I am an in my 50’s and I REALLY DO GIVE A **** about working 7 day’s a week YOU *****! You have ruined my family.. My boy’s 17 and 14 have only been camping 1 time! You *******! And fishing only a few times! What have I PAID YOU TO DO *******?? Vacation every year? I have had 1 Vacation in the last 20+ yrs. Only because my Son has severe Epilepsy .. Yeah, he was not expected to live.. He was granted a “Make A Wish!” we got to go see Pearl Harbor… No Thanks to you, you *******! I really hope you see this. I owe you a SEVERE PUNCH TO YOUR FACE… Maybe just a SEVERE beating! I hope I don’t see you on the street you *****! Or you will receive what you have earned!! A really PISSED OFF Citizen!
    Hope you have a short retirement *******!!

  2. OnAMission says:

    Judge RJ Payne cost my mom her home of 40 years because he denied her disability. Making her homeless for the first time in her life. It’s bad enough you have to wait two and half years to get a disability hearing, then to end up with a Judge like RJ Payne. Judge Payne was literally hostile towards my mother. Not to mention the fact he didn’t take into account any of the new medical information she had. He seemed more concerned with the fact I was not working and acting as her care giver. He out right lied in his written decision several times. One lie was the fact she made it into the courtroom without any help from a walker or cane. The fact is her attorney asked if I could escort her into the courtroom and help her get seated. Which I did because she didn’t have a walker at the time of her hearing. Then when she got up to leave the courtroom with the help of her attorney her legs gave out and she passed out hitting her head on the floor. She got up and sat down again in the courtroom for awhile and I then went to help her to the chair in the waiting room. We had to wait for a ride home, she cannot stand long enough to even do that, so we stayed in the lobby. While we were in the lobby the court reporter came to spy on us to see how we left. Well let me help you out, we sat in the chairs until our ride got there, then I helped her to the elevator, and then to the car. She held onto me the entire time she was standing up. So tell me again she walked unassisted. She suffers from fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis, and mobility issues (her legs will randomly give out sometimes with no explanation). She is going to be lucky if she doesn’t end up with PTSD before this is all said and done.


    judge payne issued an order of dismissal of my request for an alj hearing appeal because it was filed late. i filed all my appeals for each level of appeal late due to narcolepsy cataplexy i suffer from. when i read the decision of denial made on june 20 2014, i lost it i got extremely emotional and extreme emotion is a trigger for the cataplexy then it throws me into sleep attacks due to narcolepsy. my decline was so severe that i now have a personal care provider. i do not understand what was so different this time when i filed the alj appeal late, when i filed my alj appeal years ago it was late to but i still got to go to the alj hearing. my past late filings showed that i was not able to file on time and it was not a problem then, but with alj payne it was a problem so he dismissed my claim. that means years of appeals and protential back gone if he does not vacate this dismissal. and my work credits insured dates ran out end of 2014 which is what i qualify with. alj payne said in my past appeals i filed on time and that i should have been able to this time which is not true. i do not believe he read the file, if he had read it he would have not used that as a reason to dismaiss because it is not true. look at the history. we filed a motion to vacate the dismissal and ssa still has not sent it to him. we shall see.
    I AM NOT AFRAID TO SAY MY NAME IS SANDRA SCHMAUS I WANT THESE PEOPLE TO HEAR MY STORY AND MY QUESTIONS. and i want you alj payne to know i do not understand how you can base your decision to dismiss my appeal on my ability to file on time in the past when that is not the case as outlined with dates in my motion to vacate the dismissal. i cant afford to do this whole process over again because you did not base your decision on the facts of my past appeals. so please look at those dates and base your decision of the motion to vacate your order of dimissal on the facts that are in my file, thank you for your time your honor.

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