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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is the Judge that denied my claim in a letter stating that my “credibility was in question”. The short story, after getting sick and ending up in the ICU of a hospital, a Dr told me I needed to be on insulin. After discovering the cost of the meds, I realized I was in trouble because it was something beyond my limited budget having no income and limited help from family. So, a hospital social worker advised me to go to a local clinic that would help me get it but he said they won’t help those with a SSD claim and he advised me not to tell the clinic about it. So I didn’t, but I did tell my attorney how I was getting the medicine, he asked and I saw no reason to be secretive about it. Well, after being denied, I had an ALJ review (after waiting about 3 years) and in the meeting my attorney informed the Judge about the clinic and how I did not tell the clinic about my claim and we could not seek any records from the clinic. Well, the Judge apparently had a field day with that. After the meeting my attorney jumps up up and congratulates me on winning my case and does this in front of the Judge who says noting. Then a few weeks later I get this letter of denial from the Judge stating that because of my being dishonest with the clinic then I had no credibility according to him. So, denied. I guess this Judge would have preferred that I just accept my fate and go away to die quietly.

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