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  1. Jason evans says:

    You r so wrong.

  2. Lynn Forbes says:

    This Judge listens and is extremely smart, very smart. Unfortunately, I did not have a decent attorney, which I was unable to speak with until less than 24 hours prior to my hearing. Upon my meeting with my attorney, he proceeded to advise me he did not have any of my medical records, which I had been faxing for over a year to his office and have the faxes and confirmation faxes. Even though, I have severe degenerative disc disease, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus (take five plus shots a day of insulin), COPD, severe depression, disorder, RA and a few more issues, not to mention my age and normal health declines after 50 and I am pushing 60, my attorney and the vocational lady at my hearing seem to think I am fine and dandy, but the Honorable Randall D. Huggins was obviously the one that actually read my medical records and others. I am forever indebted and appreciative this Judge was on the bench the day of my hearing or I would probably no longer be living right now. This Judge is extremely observant, intelligent and does his homework prior to his case load. I just wish my attorney would have been more on the ball so I would have received more than one year back pay as to be able to save my home, but at least now I can buy toilet paper when I need to. Thank you so much Judge Huggins for your wise decision.

  3. The system works! says:

    Excellent judge had my hearing July 15 and had my approval in less than a week. From initial filing to hearing was 1 year wait and he made everything right.Fair and to the point! Thanks Judge Randal

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