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  1. Monica M Lopez says:

    I don’t know the out come of my case yet. And due to COVID-19 I had a telephone hearing. This judge treated me with kindness and Respect. He asked for further evaluation by social security doctor which I am fine with and agreed to. Everyone prays for a favorable decision as I do to. The system and s not a easy one to navigate. And when we are I’ll or disabled we need the help quickly and this system is just not designed to work quickly. I’ve been fighting for 9 years and still nothing favorable. It’s the system not the judges they are only doing there jobs .

  2. Tim l Wilson says:

    This Judge has cost the American Taxpayers millions of dollars just by the SSA having to move him or His asking to be (relocated) .This Judge even sued his employer several times probably done while on (company or taxpayers) dime or time. I would like to take this time and THANK YOU Judge Schum

  3. anonymous says:

    I found this judge to be completly unfair, rude, and should not be on the bench! In his report for the hearing he basicly called me a liar, which I am NOT!, He ignored every single piece of medical evidence, EXCEPT, the report written up by the doctor social security appointed, which also was a very biased report. Through-out the report he kept refering back to the report done by SSA doctor, as consistant with the other medical evidence, when this doctors report was completly opposite of what ALL THE OTHER EVIDENCE showed!..Completly unfair judge

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