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  1. Susannah says:

    I want to make sure these automatic 5 stars Stars minus 10 zeros. for this awful ignorant bully adj are not mine. He rates below zero for the cruelty he further inflicted upon me and obviously too too many others. Don’t subject yourself or loved ones to this cruel ignorant bully with prejudice against and denial of MH Sufferers. RUN!! Ask for anyone else, but this sadist. You’ll leave far more traumatized than you were prior to his abuse.

  2. Susannah says:

    He traumatized me more than I was before entering his courtroom. I cried (severe life long PTSD & Major Depression will make one cry a bit (you arrogant ignorant uneducated in MH bully) Completely disregarding, & invalidating non humane animal who should have zero contact; Let alone ADJ control position in any state. He’s dismissive, & so uneducated & prejudice against MH victims, victims of abuse, etc… He’s a bad person & should be punished for the trauma he inflicts on vulnerable people in sheer pain that he has zero empathy for or knowledge about. Social Security Administrator agreed I was further abused by this awful person and filed a grievance against him/ his sadistic practices. If you’re assigned to this beast- tell your ssdi lawyer that you need a humane ADJ; That you can’t be further violated by a supposedly unbiased Adj- He’s biased – has some deep denial of his own personal problems or something. He needs to be disbarred. Refuse to be exposed to him. He’s awful & uneducated & has major problems to have to bully and threaten a victim to not cry, not feel. And left courtroom as punishment for an already abused, invalidated person expecting a “Judge” to be Fair and not Abusive and further traumatizing. RUN away from subjecting yourself or loved ones to this cold cruel animal.

  3. Deb says:

    Live 1 day in our body, with our pain, see how you feel. See how “able” you are to get up and go to work each day, do regular activities. Disgusting
    ? for you

  4. Corrupt lawyers love this guy. He had Kaitlyn call me to schedule an appointment at weaver eye in Ephrata. I went to the appointment and they had no appointment for me. I collapsed and the police came…they would not provide a statement of probable cause, then left abruptly. The ambulance took me to the emergency room, where they asked me questions about my driving. Randy said I’m obese. I asked him how many times he pooped his pants this week. He looked upset. Just wait. Fedex delivers to Harrisburg. And the penn national parking garage. I have tons of evidence of corruption obtained through Pennsylvania right to know law. Be at peace with god.

  5. Dave says:

    He treats people like the money is coming out of his pocket we pay for it and yes he is very corrupt he enjoys rape videos of women he gets from Kelly wetzel serial rapist for over 30 years in Harrisburg

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