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  1. Hollye says:

    This Judge was very fair. He listened to all 3 experts on the SS side. He asked me questions and listened to my answers. My att really did not have to do anything during the hearing. She did oranize and prepare my case I think that is the most important part of prepaing for your hearing. My case was approved. Thank God. I am now able to continue getting the medical treatment I need. I start PT next week.I put this in Gods hands and pray for all of you who are suffering to get he help you need. God Bless

  2. Meli Garcia says:

    I have a hearing coming up in July 2013 does any one have any info about this Judge? I don’t understand why Iam having to go through this process as my PC Doctor stated im permanent disabled due to Manic Bipolar, Depression and ADHD my state Psychitrist whom prescribes me my medication and follow ups wrote out the same report that I CANNOT BE LIABLE to work due to the fact that im Manic Bipolar Depression, Schizophrania, now when I went to a SSA psychiatrist she wrote out basically the same thing that my IQ is 40’s and CANNOT WORK. However I managed to work in the past but got fired due to me making many errors and Owner did not agree that I needed to take medication and called me Crazy etc. I have been unemployed 2 yrs now and cant maintain to function properly, I forget a lot of things, cant do more that one thing cause I totally forget about what else im to do. So I just don’t know why I still have to go through the process of a ALJ Court Hearing??? All the evidence is there from 3 different Psychiatrist and one whom is contracted with SSA…hmm can some one please help me out….I wrote this on behalf of my Sister, may God Bless her and help her with her case as she is not the same!

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