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  1. michael formosa says:

    I was an EMT for a very long time and in the medical field all I wanted to do is help people I had a fractured back went through KEMO and then broke my back in two places and had two surgeries the last surgery was Bilateral of both my left and right side of my back I was also Told by an SSA doctor that I also had PTSS PTSD ADHD ADD this was a life changing experience in so many way’s it so hard to Explain I only wish I had more time to Explain to JUDGE SWEENEY how this affected my day to day life I don’t think I did a very good job and on top of it all the bottom of my right foot and little toe I can no longer feel any sensation it’s permanent DAMAGED I wish I could of had a little more time well god bless Also my right knee right ankle and right hip I have waited so long I can only pray now THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME JUDGE SWEENEY.

  2. Ronald b. Gray says:

    I have been in front of this judge in 2 very uncomfortable occasions , she is a very rude and uncompassionate person . I had 2 total knee replacement , carpel tunnel in both hands , lower bad problems , I a m to see a specialist to try to find out why I have a constant pain in my neck and arms. This judge contradicted everything my doctor s said , and found a medical expert from South Dakota to review my medical records , why didnt she get someone in pa. This Dr . sabow could not have review my medical record over night it was 170 odd pages.she very rude , quick asking questions before I had a chance to reply . I was told I could work on a assembly line, house keeping. , and some other crazy job.but then I was not to work around moving machines , chemicals,ladder stairs , stand long periods of time ect… I can’t run ,jump , climb stairs or come down them very well . I cant drive for long periods 1/2 hour , sit longer then a hour ,,, I am truly living a painful life. If I could work I would but at any job they would fired for lack of production ,, I can walk 3 blocks at a time with out pain .. Look I don’t want to bore anyone with my struggles but this “”””””” is someone who need to be disbarred , or removed from the bench,,,,mind u I’ve been fight this since 2008

  3. Steve says:

    She’s smart, extremely well-educated, and completely predisposed to using her skills to kill any disability claim at any cost. Counter to a previous comment, she refused my entry to my wife’s hearing (my wife was melting down) and appeal without having ever met me, and in her denial refuted the testimony and records of multiple doctors of different specialties in favor of her “experts” who had no working knowledge of my wife’s case.

    If I had a “back of the book” law firm I’d hire her in a New York Minute, but as a citizen with a disabled wife I’d like nothing more than to see her exposed for her bias against the disabled and kicked the **** off the bench.

  4. Tracy L Parthemore says:

    I was very happy with judge sweeney. She made a special effort to make me feel comfortable, allowed my parents in the hearing to help keep me at ease. She was extremely knowledgable on my case, and took a special effort to help me understand the hearing process, she slowed the hearing down to have me calm down as I am bipolar type 1 mixed state. The honorable judge sweeney is a consummate professional, and while I don’t know the outcome of my case yet, she made me very pleased with the respect, and professionalism she has shown me during this process. Thank you

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you see her on the Notice of Hearing, quickly withdrawal your application, move to a different part of the state, re-file. Under 50 years old? NO SHOT.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This woman has alcohol issues! I was in a high end local restaurant and observed this person being rude and condescending to employees, while chatting it up with every male at the bar! She ordered in a very demanding way, then sent her food back , when she received a new meal, she ate the entire thing then demanded to have it removed from her bill. Talk about abuse of power! Let’s get this obnoxious person off the bench. Someone like this has no business making crucial decisions about a persons life when she cannot behave like a normal person in public. She is an embarrassment to her peers.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very rude ALJ. She will use any resources she can to deny claim including the opinion of several medical experts just to find one who agrees with her to deny claim. She dismisses treating source opinions and makes assertions regarding their credibility without any merit.

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