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  1. David Montes de oca says:

    Judge Rebecca Wolfe was very professional and very fair. The minute I walked in with my Lawyer she made me feel at ease. Thank you so very much and God bless you Judge Wolfe.

  2. Alex Schott says:

    Judge Wolfe should not be on the bench. She is not a fair judge. I had 3 disability hearings with her in a matter of 5 years. I had several qualifying conditions and I was denied each time. Judge Wolfe is openly anti Semitic and has a deep hatred towards individuals of the Jewish faith. She also has a hatred towards people who have a higher education. Judge Wolfe typically waits until the claimant is knocking on deaths door if she is going to approve them. She is highly manipulative and makes errors on purpose that she refuses to fix as they work in her favor. I cannot believe that she has not been disbarred as of yet. Her time will come soon. She has zero compassion and a very mean streak in her. I pray to G-d for anyone that ends up in her chambers. May G-d be with you.

  3. David says:

    Judge Wolfe was very profecional.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This judge was very unfair and expects to reward cases that have a very short life span and will end in death within months. Everyone else should be declared a psychopath by a shrink, lost both legs and eyes and/or be on dialysis permanently. My condition according to my attorney should have won since I’m near 60 with major heart condition and poor blood circulation in legs. I suffered two heart attacks during last two decades and survived them by the skin of my teeth. I depend on a walker to get around because I cannot walk without help. Yet this judge looked at my evidence as if this condition wont affect my work as a former stock clerk at Kmart. I was laid off from that job mostly because of my trouble walking back then in 2014. My case was denied 3 times before seeing Judge Wolf with my condition much worse and me with more pain last week when I received her not favorable decision. The name wolf matches this judge’s love to help patients with real health problems like myself. I was told women judges are very inconsiderate towards men with disabilities. If you see her name in your hearing letters, request a different judge other than Wolfe.

  5. JP says:

    This lady didn’t give me a chance, she would not allow me to bring my wife in to speak on my behalf. After waiting over a year she still denied my claim. I’m an American fighting for what I earned , but an immigrant could come a get ssi without ever paying into social security.

  6. Nury Alonso-Jorge says:

    Judge Wolfe was very professional but at the same time she was warm and friendly. She made you feel at ease and made this process much easier. Thank you and God bless you judge Wolfe.

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