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  1. Sandra Ansell says:

    My son, Jeffrey Ansell had a hearing before you a few months ago. You said he didn’t deserve/qualify for SSI. He died three weeks ago of the illness you said he didn’t have…qualify for…whatever. I am very disappointed in the system. I’m sure his Alpha One would have killed him eventually, but he’d have been able to live a little before his death with the money the SSI would have afforded him.

    Jeff had no life. He laid in bed…or oxygen for years. He never went “out.” Except perhaps with me once a month or so to the Olive Garden. He was on oxygen which didn’t have a long cord. The first thing he planned to do was buy a portable oxygen cannister. I am so sad. Words can’t even tell you how sad I am and disappointed in his “lawyer.”

  2. Tiffany Shuttlesworth says:

    I just went in front of Judge Carpenter on the 3rd of July 2019. She was very nice, patient and professional. I was already nervous and scared with my anxiety but she did her best to help me understand the questions no matter how many times she had to repeat them with my comprehension problem. You can tell she actually cared and listen to what I had to say.. Even tho i kept forgetting things and would randomly think of them she was patient with me

  3. S. Carr says:

    I am extremely disappointed in my son’s decision. Having an extremely rare and severe case of Nail Patella Syndrome, where all major limbs are affected, Chronic Kidney Disease, as well as a variety of mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety and ADD, I am (and all others that know him), shocked that his judge denied him SSI. His arms only straighten half-way (about 90 degrees) and because they are chronically dislocated and have little cartilage, his elbow bones rub together constantly causing pain. His right leg doesn’t go straight either and his knee caps dislocate every time he bends his knees causing a lot of pain. He has the worst case of flat feet that I’ve ever seen causing so much pain as well. He has Chronic Kidney disease where she said he wasn’t compliant with medication – which she said the same about anti-depressants – however, had she asked him about that, he would have told her that his mother stopped him from taking the CKD medicine originally prescribed because of the known terrible side-effects on patients with Nail Patella Syndrome and that 2 weeks later, he got a different prescription (a far safer drug) and has been on it ever since. As far as anti-depressant medicines, he’s had terrible side-effects with each kind he’s tried, that’s not his fault! Not to mention, he’s been on and off health insurance (like millions of people in the US) and so his psychological and psychiatric appointments have been staggered because of that but, she didn’t ask him about any of this, not to mention his lawyer didn’t say more than 2 sentences during the hearing. We are in a support group for folks with Nail Patella Syndrome and know several others who have been approved for SSI. He is more physically severe than most of them and most don’t have the chronic kidney disease. He is on the verge of needing a kidney transplant, just like his aunt. Of course he is depressed! He fears he is going to die from kidney disease, just like my sister nearly did after going through serious rejection of her transplanted kidney. He watched her struggles and is terrified. He’s very smart but has the lowest self-esteem because of his very visible physical disabilities, it’s extremely unfortunate. I know several people who don’t come close to having the same disabling conditions, as my son and are approved. I apologize for the vent but, I am in shock, as are those who know my son, who has already tried to commit suicide several times and who is always talking about taking his life because of all of his issues. His judge wrote in her decision that the attempt that landed him in the hospital was due to a single life event and that’s sad because we’ve shown, in his evidence, that he’s been depressed and seeing therapists on and off since he was 4 years old. I’m terrified that I’m going to lose my son. I hope the appeals council does the right thing and if they send his case back to his judge, I hope she does the right thing. ~ Terrified mom (PS I hope this doesn’t hurt him, I’m just so sad for him b/c he just keeps saying, with this decision, that he just wants to give up.)

  4. J. Miller says:

    I recently had a hearing with this judge. I was treated with such a high level of respect and compassion, it was almost scary. I was given a full favorable ruling, but that is not what inspired this comment. This judge actually cares about us as people. Just treat her with respect, and you WILL receive a fair decision based upon the merits of your medical condition.

  5. J. Grimm says:

    By your % approved cases, and looking at the other judges largest % denials,
    it seems you DO actually listen to people and can understand that they feel
    helpless and can’t provide for their families which makes low self-esteem also.
    People DO WANT to be proud and productive by working and feeling self-worth.
    Needing help financially is not easy to ask for (although we’ve worked for many years..which is why our bodies are broken down in the first place.)
    I may have a hearing coming up in this office soon…I hope I can be heard by
    you for it is scary to wait so long and be so clinging to the need for financial
    help with no chances of benefits. Can other judges even try to put themselves in
    our places..we have been trying for 2 years for help..why would we do this if we
    could go out and work for money while financial life worsens each week.

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