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  1. Annetta Carrington says:

    Judge Warren is a dirty liar. She doesn’t get her way Your Fucked.
    Hell is waiting for you 💩

  2. Annetta Carrington says:

    She charged me for receiving $50.00 an hour as a temporary worker in Philadelphia, Pa took my Social Security Check after I complained and got the attorney general involved, provided a document showing my debt was paid and still taking my money from me. I’m supposed to receive $818 a month not $704. I asked to go to court and still she’s taking money Social Security money from me that is mine.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge Regina L. Warren – She’s very tough, but she has to be because of many fraudulent cases in the state of Pennsylvania. She wants a clear “yes or no”, “no maybe, uh huh or yeah” she understands her claimant. If you are clear and honest, she seems to show empathy with you. Don’t disrespect the system, she would fry you. Her line of hypothetical scenarios, she understood my medical conditions. I was flabbergasted about how she saw the big picture of my life. Although, the “expert witness” was very unreasonable and she saw right through her. I have a deep respect for her, her dignity has to be respected!

  4. Antoinette Hatch says:

    Judge Warren is very clear and very fair she is a magnificent judge and very thoughtful and respectful about her Client’s case she takes her cases very serious. I Love her work!

  5. Anonymous says:

    She was very thorough in her explanation of the case and broke it down so a lay person, like myself, could understand and comprehend their case.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge Warren very thorough, competent. By the book & efficient…

  7. kathy mcgee says:

    SHe is great & was very nice

  8. Veda Brown says:

    She takes her position as a Judge serious and have the best interest of the state and the claimant. She is fair, understanding, sensitive and accurate. She takes her time to research your case and you should be prepared to present it in a professional/respectful manner. She dots her “i” and cross her “t” and so should you. I highly recommend her as a Judge for any honest/sincere case.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Cold and lacking in any apparent human empathy in the face of claimnts who are really hurting.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You best know your case when you appear before her. She’s tough, but fair.

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