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  1. Sharon Donnelly says:

    Had my hearing on August 12,2020. I thought Ms.Barnett was really nice,she was to the point, all business from what I could tell from phone hearing. Of course its too soon to know anything but if I don’t win I don’t fault her at all if anything I would say voc expert seems to be very intent on finding me a job even though I can’t stand for long periods due to diagnosed neuropathy n other issues. Also I don’t think my attorney applied grid rules unless he mentioned in the brief that was sent to the office. But other than that I thought everything went well. My lawyer and I couldn’t tell which way she was leaning after my hearing either,but if denied ill move forward even though I’m ready for this part to be over.

  2. Praying For You Removal says:

    If I could give no stars for this soulless woman I would. She has an ego the size of her head and the way she words her letters in her sarcastic demeaning way is ridiculous…. they say when God takes her off that pedistal that she sits on is the day that I will rejoice… you reap what you sew… they same people that you denied I CAN ONLY PRAY THAT THEIR SITUATION BECOMES YOUR REALITY…. and you be on the receiving end and get denied when you know you deserve and I would say much more but I won’t stoop as low as calling you out your name because I’m sure you already know that you are one

  3. Cynthia Hinton says:

    My name is Cynthia Hinton and I was assigned to judge Mrs. RENITA F BARNETT JEFFERSON on January 31st 2019 and I feel that she was professional , concerned, and she was going strictly by the books and rules of the law. However I didn’t like the way the vocationalist spoke on my medical conditions saying that there are jobs that I can do when she has no clue about ho wi feel on a day to day basis, nor do she know how I feel when I am dealing with depression(bipolar) moments, or when i can hardly move sum days, . I honestly think that vocationalist should not have the right to speak on people cases cause they are giving there opinions on ur health issues and they have no clue on how u feel for real . I have seen so many incidents where people dont take certain sickness serious, such as bipolar, manic depression, and ect. But I have been dealing with my sickness for so long and I have went bac to work in the past but if I could do the things I use could do when I was younger and my body and mind frame was still like it use to b when I was younger I would love to go bac to work but I can’t work and I ain’t able to hold a job now i can’t stand long periods of tyme, can’t sit to long, walk to far, my mood swings changes like the wind i never know when i may flip out , and most of all i dont want to cause anyone any harm when i go into a deep depression that’s why I isolate myself alot away from people. I know no one is going to hire me on there jobs to accommodate my sickness. I have been working every since I was 14 years old and I am now 45 years old my sickness has worsen over the years and it let’s me know what I can and can not do . I never asked to b in my condition and I just hope that my judge makes the right decision on my case because I have a history that goes bac to 2007 -2019 and I am still up under my doctors .

  4. Rico Kelly says:

    Judge Barnett Jefferson was the judge on my daughters case she held out on making a decision over two years and wasn’t even concerned with the problems with my daughter and her disabling conditions she was more concerned about my religion where I worship and my faith when I stated that I was Jewish she immediately changed her tone and acted very different towards me during the rest of the hearing she also took about 3 months before she made the decision after the hearing. I thought this was the last time that I would have to deal with her; however I have another daughter who is also disabled and she pulled her case for review after I submitted paperwork after my other daughter denial stating she discriminated against me during my daughters hearing; so now that I know that she is the Judge on this case I feel that there is some type of retaliation towards me or persecution toward me because I submitted paperwork requesting a telephone hearing several times and ALL my requests were ignored no responses al all; the day before the hearing I finally get her assistant Shaun Johnson on the phone who said I needed to submit medical records stating I couldn’t come to the hearing before she grant me a telephone hearing; I never heard anything back from her and called again the afternoon before the hearing and was told she deny a telephone hearing and she denied it even after I submitted paperwork from a hospital saying I was injured from a fall. This woman has serious issues toward African American women/mothers and people of different faith or religion. She is not empathetic at all she has “NO Emotions” or care towards Disabling children. I can’t believe that she is allowed to make any decisions on any type cases with her attitude demeanor and deceiving looks. I want her to know I am not afraid of her and that I am pursuing religion discrimination against her not just for myself or daughter but for others. Also I want her to know that she will one day have to answer to a higher Power than herself (God Almighty Jehovah GOD of Israel) for her mistreatment and hatred towards others of different faith and people of color. I don’t know what have happened to her to dislike her own people but obviously something is wrong with her and she needs to be examined by a psychologist. I hope and pray that she will find it in her heart to repent before she is JUDGED. I can’t wait until she meet her MAKER!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This Judge is very smug and acts as if she has something to prove. She has no empathy and wore a smirk during her hearing. She gave no credit to my treating physicians and all the credit to physicians reviewing my case that I’d never met. Unfortunately, it took over a YEAR to get a decision in my case and of course, she denied it. It is currently on appeal in Washington. She is a poor excuse for a Judge.

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